President Trump Fires Back at Pelosi and Democrats about “Cover-up” Accusation


first_imgPresident Trump speaking from the Rose Garden today was hot under the collar after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of a cover-up.“I don’t do cover-ups.” He again called the Russia investigation a hoax and said — “No collusion, no corruption.” Trump made his remarks after Pelosi and other top Democrats came to the White House for a scheduled meeting on infrastructure.Trump pushed back and outlined all the ways that he and his administration has been totally transparent over the past two years of investigations with allowing 500 witnesses to testify fully including his son and White House counsel Don McGahn.  Democrats are angry about McGahn defying a subpoena to testify in a House committee yesterday.  The White House instructed McGahn not to testify.Trump said you can’t go down two tracks, the investigation track or the “let’s get things done for the American people” track.Trump said when he walked into the room to meet with Schumer and Pelosi to talk about infrastructure, he said that they needed to get on the right track for the American people and end the needless investigations.Congressional Democratic leaders were at the White House for a follow-up meeting with President Trump on infrastructure.The meeting comes just after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s met with her Democratic caucus to discuss starting impeachment proceedings against the President.The two sides met last month and Trump said he’d like to spend two-trillion dollars to renovate highways, bridges, airports and rails.Democrats agreed and challenged the White House to figure out how to pay for it.last_img read more