49ers mailbag: Is Jimmy G ready for playoff push? Where’s Kittle?


first_imgSANTA CLARA – What’s in store for the next 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers fall classic? Our Week 12 mailbag, as compiled from input off my Instagram and Twitter feeds:Kittle! When?? Is the fact that he sat in a box last Sunday rather than standing in civvies on the sideline mean anything? (@Anthony04315169)Coach Kyle Shanahan said Kittle was assigned luxury-suite detail so he could stay off his injured leg and not stand on the sideline for three-plus hours. Unlike the Seattle game, Kittle came …last_img read more

Darwin Debate Strategy: Declare Victory


first_imgThe easiest way to win a debate is to simply disallow your opponent, and then declare victory by forfeit.  Is that what supporters of Darwin are doing to their critics?The winner is: Darwin:  PhysOrg reported favorably on a book by Mano Singham (Case Western Reserve University) that declares victory against creationism and intelligent design: e.g., “The Dover case, says Singham, also brings the curtain down on the long history of religious groups trying to breach the wall between church and state.”  Neither Singham nor PhysOrg allowed the other side time to rebut this and other claims.  No, despite the fact that the Discovery Institute wrote a detailed rebuttal to this conception of what happened at Dover, and has repeatedly answered such claims on its Evolution News and Views web page, the title states as a matter of fact, “Science wins fight over evolution in schools, says Case Western Reserve University author.”  The article gives him the victory lap at the end, too: “For now the battle between religion and Darwin has been won by science, says Singham.”Inherit the Wind won’t die:  Despite numerous misrepresentations of the Scopes Trial, the play Inherit the Wind still makes the rounds.  It’s playing in London.  Celeste Biever mushed over the play in New Scientist and reflected on its bittersweet lessons about how science trumps religion, but how sad it is that so many well-meaning people can’t let go of their faith.  In her article Biever recounted an event from the Dover trial that never happened.  She claimed Michael Behe said astrology would count as science and the courtroom erupted in laughter.  Behe has answered this claim with clarification that Biever was misunderstanding his statement and that the laughter was at a different time about a different matter (check Uncommon Descent archives).  Of course, his side of the story was not allowed into the article.Selective book reviews:  Lawrence D. Hurst reviewed two pro-evolution books for Nature.1  His article shows a photo of Dawkins proudly holding a copy of his book The Greatest Show on Earth.  To Hurst, the only controversy between the pugilistic Richard Dawkins and the gentlemanly Carl Zimmer was which approach is most likely to be effective in smashing creationists over the head.  “So which is the better strategy for explaining the difference between fact and fantasy: that of the quiet American or that of the British Rottweiler?  Zimmer makes the facts palatable but Dawkins reminds us that some people persist in their beliefs even if they are profoundly contradicted by observation and logic,” Hurst declared.  Sounds like he supports the Dawkins approach.It has been a fairly well-known phenomenon that a faceless army of anti-I.D. editors scours Wikipedia daily to maintain their lies about intelligent design supporters.  This is true for other controversial figures like Rush Limbaugh, too.  Some I.D. scientists have corrected factual errors on pages about themselves, only to find their corrections overwritten almost immediately with the same lies.  Wikipedia maintains no method of accountability for editors and no method for targets of these lies to get them corrected.  Because of this, no one should consider Wikipedia a reliable source for information – particularly on controversial topics like evolution and intelligent design.1.  Lawrence D. Hurst, “Showcasing the evidence for evolution,” Nature 461, 596 (1 October 2009) | doi:10.1038/461596a.The Darwinists are not above telling outright lies in pushing their views in the media.  “Our enterprise has established facts and we should have the confidence to say so.  Evolution is one such fact,” says Hurst, conveniently equivocating over the word evolution.  Celeste Biever lies about Behe but calls Darwin “the man who has contributed more than any other to our understanding of where humanity came from” (a majority might give that honor to Jesus Christ).  Singham repeatedly portrays critics of Darwin as violating separation of church and state.  These three examples of Darwin debating tactics (e.g., one-sided presentations) are riddled with simplistic either-or fallacies, glittering generalities, outright lies and half-truths.  In a real debate they could not get away with it.  They do what is typical of leftists and radicals: shut the other side up, and declare victory.  Wasn’t that tactic famously displayed in certain totalitarian dystopias over the last century?  We report both sides and give you original sources so that you can judge for yourself.  In other words, we respect your freedom and the dignity of your individual intellect.(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Pack of 3 Headbands, Lovely hair bands comfortable to as made with material so they dont dig


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Ohio’s 2015 national Proficiency winners


first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ohio had an extremely impressive showing in the national Proficiency Awards this year with 24 finalists and nine national winners. This year’s National Proficiency Award winners were:Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance-Entrepreneurship – Zach Hasting, CovingtonAgricultural Processing – Maggie Hovermale, WestfallAgricultural Sales-Placement – Collin Dunaway, Felicity FranklinDairy Production-Placement – Katerri Schmitmeyer, VersaillesDiversified Crop Production-Entrepreneurship – Evan Schaefer, Miami TraceDiversified Livestock – Nole Gerfen, RidgemontGoat Production – Emily Beal, Miami EastLandscape Management – Troy Mabis, TalawandaSwine Production-Entrepreneurship – Gus Mitchem, Miami Tracelast_img read more

How Election-Season Searches Can Become A Security Threat


first_imgRelated Posts Tags:#cybercrime#cybersecurity#Government#politics#security tomer teller Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Guest author Tomer Teller is a security evangelist at Check Point Software Technologies.On November 6, the United States will complete the most digital Presidential election in our history. In the run up to the big day, millions Americans are flocking to the Web to inform their voting and follow campaign trails. With all the excitement, though, comes a sinister reality: Voter, candidate and campaign-related search terms can turn Web citizens into identity-theft targets and their computers into malicious bots.New SEO TricksToday’s cyber-criminals are no longer just reliant on spam. Instead, they use a technique as common among legitimate companies as it is in the world of cyber-crime – search engine optimization, or SEO. For years, attackers have taken advantage of popular news events to entice victims to visit malicious sites. But today’s black hat SEO schemes have added some new moves to their bag of tricks.One new trick surfaced in scams taking advantage of interest in the summer Olympics and is now being employed in the lead-up to the November elections.Attackers looking to beat efforts by search engines and others to determine the reputation of a website by its age have taken to purchasing existing domains that are about to expire. Typically, the scammers change the content of the page only days before the start of the event they are planning to hijack. Scammers may also purchase dropped domains to bolster their own network by using them to link to their own sites, once again improving their search engine rankings.The attackers do not need their websites to persist for long; in fact, they do not expect them to. Having their site rank high in search engine results for a day or so can be more than long enough for them to compromise enough machines to make money. If the goal is to get users to click on a search result, common sense would indicate that the most popular news item of the day would be the juiciest piece of low-hanging fruit. Right now, that’s the Presidential election.The Bad Guys Now Leverage NichesBut today’s scammers are also increasingly moving toward leveraging niche news items and people. The idea is that less-popular subjects will have fewer legitimate search results to compete with, increasing the chances Web users will click on a malicious link. Regional ballot issues, local campaign news or write-in candidates are becoming prime targets.Part of the key to successful search engine optimization is utilizing backlinks. Backlinks are used by search engines to help determine the popularity of a particular site. The more links to a webpage, the higher that page’s page rank.Scammers exploit this system in several ways. One is to build a profile on a high-traffic site like LiveJournal or SoundCloud – and then add a link to the profile signature. Another is to sponsor a WordPress theme. This allows an attacker to add a link to his site to the theme’s template – thereby automatically linking any site where the theme is installed back to the malicious website.Then there’s keyword stuffing, filling webpage content or meta tags with keywords. Google warns that loading pages with irrelevant keywords can hurt a site’s ranking, but attackers often try to circumvent this through “cloaking,” where the Web server presents different content to search engine crawlers than it does to users.Tried And True Bad BehaviorOf course, when it comes to SEO, anything that works never goes out of style. Traditional methods such as simply inserting links on user forums and in the comment section of various websites are still commonplace. Scammers also continue to make use of doorway pages, or “throwaway pages,” which are designed to draw search engine users to another website.Search engines like Google are doing their part to discourage abuses – threatening to remove sites that use throwaway pages from the search listings, for example. But responsibility for computer security ultimately lies with the user.Be wary of search engine results with URLs with names that seem strange or out of place. Various security companies offer safety ratings of URLs. And you always need at least a two-way firewall and antivirus software on your computer.As always, the key to avoiding threats – even election-related ones – is to stay informed and stay alert. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more