Bunny Boiler! Natascha McElhone to Play Fatal Attraction’s Alex Forrest in West End World Premiere


first_img The play, based on the film of the same name, is written by James Dearden, who also penned the screenplay. Fatal Attraction tells the story of Dan Gallagher, a successful New York lawyer with a loving family. After having a one-night-stand with Alex Forrest, he assumes he can walk away without consequence, but Alex becomes obsessed with Dan, aggressively pursuing both him and his family. The film Fatal Attraction starred Glenn Close, Michael Douglas and Anne Archer. It garnered six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Close. View Comments Natascha McElhone will revive Glenn Close’s infamous Alex Forrest character in the stage adaptation of Fatal Attraction in London’s West End. Yes, the film’s notorious “bunny boiling” scene will be recreated on stage. Directed by Trevor Nunn, the world premiere production will begin previews at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on March 8. Opening night is set for March 25. The full cast, including who will play the part of Dan Gallagher, will be announced later. McElhone is best known for her roles in the films Ronin, The Truman Show and Solaris, and most recently for her role as Karen van der Beek on the Showtime series Californication.last_img read more

Lessons of the Week: Liza Minnelli, Aladdin & More


first_imgAfter a week full of Broadway openings, sneak previews, casting news and star-studded reunions, we’re not gonna lie—the Broadway.com crew is pretty exhausted. But before our 48-hour nap, it’s time to visit the 10 weirdest things that happened this week. Read below to find out what we learned!Liza Minnelli Is the New BatmanNow that she’s the subject of a comic book, Minnelli has a lot more in common with Batman than we thought. Think about it: Both wear black, both have capes, and both hang out with a sidekick named Robin. (Well, Liza’s Robin is probably a hairdresser, but whatever.) Quick, to the Liza-mobile!British Studs Want Us to Have Safe SexMiss Saigon star Alistair Brammer looks great, but we have a few questions about this magazine spread that’s supposedly “promoting safe sex.” What about this photo screams safe sex? Is it the typewriter? The paperback book? The wood paneling? The fact that it looks like he’s hanging out in his grandma’s house? OK, this is getting weird.Hello Kitty Has a Kinky SideSanrio made headlines when the toy company revealed some disturbing news: Hello Kitty isn’t actually a cat, but “a cheerful and happy little girl with a heart of gold.” So naturally, the real Hello Kitty celebrated the news by going to Kinky Boots to hang out with some drag queens. Yeah, we have no idea what’s going on either. We don’t plan the events, we just show up.Aladdin Stars Love Free SwagCourtney Reed got extremely jealous when her Aladdin co-star Adam Jacobs started strutting around backstage in a Broadway.com shirt. And now that we’ve given her one of her own, these guys apparently never take them off! Um, just make sure to wash them once in a while, or we’re going to have to get you some Broadway.com brand deodorant.Eva Noblezada Is a Chipotle Ordering ProThe 18-year-old Miss Saigon star revealed an impressive secret talent this week—because she’s half-Mexican, she sounds really “legit” when she’s ordering at Chipotle. Because if there’s one place that knows about legit Mexican food, it’s Chipotle. Hey Eva, can you grab us a burrito bowl? You’re legit, so the guac is free, right?Barbra Streisand Needs GlassesWe love Barbra as much as the next website (OK, probably more than the next website), but it seems like she’s having trouble detecting the difference between Jimmy Fallon and Elvis. When she sang on The Tonight Show, she barely flinched when Fallon joined her dressed as the King, Michael Buble and Blake Shelton instead of the real guys. That’s it, Babs, we’re taking you to Lenscrafters.Psycho Is Starting to Freak Us OutJust when we were getting revved up for American Psycho at off-Broadway’s Second Stage Theatre, we found out that the production was no longer happening. Now the producers of the Duncan Sheik musical say they’re aiming for Broadway instead. This is killer news, but please, stop scaring us! One more close call and we’re going to start having Rebecca flashbacks.There’s Mice in The WoodsThere’s something weird happening on the Into the Woods movie website. Rapunzel’s Prince has been renamed Flynn Rider (a familiar name from Disney’s Tangled), Cinderella’s Prince is Prince Charming, and Cinderella’s Stepmother is Lady Tremaine (both from Disney’s Cinderella film). Then the whole cast list mysteriously disappeared! Hmm. It’s almost as if Disney has something to do with this movie. How odd.Andrew Rannells Has a Pokemon SecretA quick Google search of Hedwig star Andrew Rannells reveals some blackmail-worthy photos of him in a purple wig, wearing some kind of space outfit. They’re from his stint in Pokemon Live!, which the Tony nominee insists has more Broadway alums than we might think. He doesn’t want to name names, but we’re totally fine with it.Broadway’s Better When You’re DrunkWhat’s more fun than seeing a Broadway show? Getting completely wasted with the cast of Rock of Ages and having them explain the plot to you! For example, did you know the thing that’s awesome about The Lion King is that “the grass grows out of their heads”? And in Wicked, “Elphaba is sad because she’s green…and that sucks”? We need to get drunk with you guys more often. View Commentslast_img read more