City Is Responsible For Thunderbolts Financial Losses For The 2016-2017 Hockey Season?


first_img City Is  Responsible ForThunderbolts Financial Losses For The 2016-2017 Hockey SeasonCity Is Also Paying All The Utilities Bills A t The Ford CenterAttached below is the e-mail that Scott A Schoenike the Executive Director of the Ford Center sent Pastor Steve Ary concerning the utilities at the Ford Center and acquisition contracts between VenuWorks and the City of Evansville.  Mr. Schoenike answered the questions that we have been asking concerning the Ford Center utilities and Thunderbolts acquisition contracts between VenuWorks and the City of Evansville.We are puzzled why this information wasn’t provided to Pastor Steve Ary, City County Observer or the general public by City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn (R), or by City Controller Russ Lloyd  Jr.We wonder if our friends with the local main stream media will inform their readers and viewers that the taxpayers of Evansville are responsible for all theThunderbolts financial losses for the 2016-2017 hockey season?  We also wonder if they will report that the City of Evansville are paying all the utilities bills at the Ford Center?  We predict that they won’t touch this story because they will consider this to be “FAKE NEWS”!POSTED BELOW IS THE UN-EDITED E-MAIL RESPONSE BY MR SCHOENIKE SENT TO PASTOR STEVE ARY CONCERNING THE AGREEMENTS MADE BETWEEN VENUWORKS AND THE CITY OF EVANSVILLE.   MR. SCHOENIKE’S  E-MAIL SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!Mr. Ary,Please find the information below in response to your questions from Monday night.  These answers are provided by Scott Schoenike.Thank you,Ashten StenftenagelDeputy City ClerkOffice of the City Clerk, City of [email protected] MR. SCHOENIKE’S  E-MAIL SENT TO PASTOR STEVE ARY VIE DEPUTY CITY CLERK OF EVANSVILLEUtilities 2015:    $610,828.14Utilities 2016      $614,363.52The City ultimately ends of paying the utility bill.  The process is a little complex but this is the way Harding Shymanski recommended after our annual audit for the city in all years of operation (2011-2016).  Since we don’t control the maintenance or operation of the utilities at the Ford Center by contract utilities are not suppose to be paid by VenuWorks. For simplicity VenuWorks pays the utility bills throughout the year, at the end of the year we bill back the city the annual total paid for utilities and then give the city the cash to pay us back.  On the line item city budget Fund 0474 and 0408 Arena this adjustment is taken into account and includes utilities being paid in the approximate $1million paid to the city.In regards to the question if the hockey team loses money who pays.  It would be paid out of the Ford Center Operating budget which is city funds.  The big picture would be the loss of hockey would negatively affect the bottom line of the Ford Center.  So the way I look at it is the $1 million operating revenue budgeted for VenuWorks in the City Budget does not change even though hockey operations are now indirectly part of the Ford Center budget.  Without hockey at the Ford Center the budgeted $1 million operating revenue would not be possible. ThanksScott A SchoenikeExecutive Directorwww.thefordcenter.comwww.victorytheatre.comManaged by VenuWorks of Evansville, LLCFOOTNOTE: todays “READERS POLL” question is :Do you feel that the majority of our elected officials knowingly withheld information about who is paying the utilities bills at the Ford Center?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Killian Donnelly & Matt Henry Will Lead London’s Kinky Boots


first_imgEverybody Say Yeah! Killian Donnelly and Matt Henry will star in London’s Kinky Boots. The West End premiere of The Tony-winning tuner, which features a score by Cyndi Lauper and a book by Harvey Fierstein, will begin performances on August 21 and officially open on September 15 at the Adelphi Theatre.Joining Donnelly (Memphis) as Charlie and Henry (The Voice) as Lola will be Amy Lennox (Tracks) as Lauren, Jamie Baughan (Chicago) as Don, Amy Ross (Sunny Afternoon) as Nicola and Michael Hobbs (Darling of the Day) as George.Based on the 2005 film and inspired by a true story, Kinky Boots follows Charlie Price, an aspiring young businessman who, after the death of his father, is forced to give up his dreams of living in London in order to save his family’s fledgling shoe factory in Northern England. Charlie finds inspiration in Lola, a fabulous entertainer in need of some sturdy stilettos. As the unlikely pair works to turn the factory around, they find they have more in common than initially expected.The cast will also include Gemma Atkins, Paul Ayers, Jeremy Batt, Arun Blair-Mangat, Marcus Collins, Emma Crossley, Jordan Fox, Callum Francis, Robert Grose, Gillian Hardie, Chloe Hart, Sophie Isaacs, Luke Jackson, Robert Jones, Adam Lake, Catherine Millsom, Sean Needham, Tim Prottey-Jones, Verity Quade, Javier Santos, Dominic Tribuzio, Alan Vicary, Michael Vinsen and Bleu Woodward.Kinky Boots opened on Broadway in 2013 and won six Tony Awards that year, including Best Musical. In addition to the Broadway production, the show is currently touring the U.S. and a Toronto staging is scheduled for this summer at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. View Commentslast_img read more

West Virginia’s River Surfing


first_imgOCEANS AREN’T THE ONLY PLACE TO CATCH A WAVEWhat if you could get all the pleasure of surfing without ever getting sticky-saltwater-hair and sand in your ears? What if you could ride the perfect wave for minutes, hours even?Sounds like an impossible dream, but a growing community is taking surfing from the oceans to the rivers. Fayetteville, W.Va., is at the forefront of the river surfing movement in the East with two badass chicas at the helm—Melanie Seiler of the standup paddleboard (SUP) community and Meghan Roberts representing the short boards. Though these two ladies have paid their dues on the ocean, both can agree—nothing beats the river.For most of her life, 28-year-old Meghan Roberts has been riding boards—mainly snowboards and surfboards. When she landed in Fayetteville as a raft guide, she decided to take her surfboard to Canyon Doors, a popular boogie boarding spot on the Gauley River.“I was trying to surf on the wave not even knowing [river surfing] was a thing and people were actually doing it,” Roberts remembers.It was a complete failure at first. But then Roberts spotted a fatter foam surfboard for sale that, at first glance, appeared to be just an oversized boogie board. Something told her that this fatter foam board was the ticket to surfing Canyon Doors, so she bought it, took it to the wave a few weeks later, and stood up in her first few tries.“I remember standing there thinking, ‘Oh my God I’m doing it. It works!’ I was just shocked,” she says.Since that first ride, Roberts has been in constant search of the perfect wave, surfing everything she would have normally bypassed as a raft guide. There’s no easy way to get to most of these potential surf spots—some involve bushwhacking at least an hour to access—and more often than not, the weather is less than ideal. The surfing gets good when the weather gets bad, but according to Roberts, it’s all part of the adventure.“When you’re surfing, you don’t think about how cold it is or how deep you might go when you swim,” she says. “All you are thinking about is that feeling of water rushing at you.”Melanie Seiler agrees. Having lived in the whitewater hub of Fayetteville her whole life, Seiler thought she’d done it all—raft, kayak, ducky—until 2009 when a friend and fellow raft guide brought a couple stand up paddleboards to Gauley season.Seiler thrived on the new challenge. Suddenly, class I and II stretches of the New were exciting and difficult again. She suffered through frigid temps and lugged her board through dense swaths of rhododendron for hours to find new waves to surf.“On the one hand, it could be really, really frustrating,” Seiler says of those early days of learning, “but then it also showed me that you really have to work for [the surf] and you’re not just handed it.”In the six years since, Seiler has hosted four SUP races on the New River Gorge, and developed guided SUP tours for Adventures on the Gorge.“I love river surfing because you get on the wave and you can stay on it as long as you want,” she says. “That feeling is all about the sense of being in the moment.”FAQS: KNOW BEFORE YOU GOWhat’s the difference between ocean and river surfing?MS: The difference mainly is that you’re chasing after an ocean wave and riding it for a few seconds. For a river wave, it’s in one stationary place, and once you’re on it, you can ride it as long as your skills allow you to ride it.What type of board do you use?MR: When you’re looking for a river surfboard, you want one that’s wider in the tail—that will help keep you on the wave more. You will want a thicker board, so look for anything between 2.5 and 3 inches thick. Wider, too, at least 20-21 inches wide. That helps keep you in the wave longer. I use a 6’2” Boardworks Mini Mod.MS: The Badfish MVP and the Glide Sesh are my go-tos but a new one I’m checking out is the Paddlestroke G-Rocker which is a light inflatable surfboard.What gear will I need for river surfing?MR: Definitely a wakeboard vest. It’s flat so you can lay on the board better.MS: I usually wear a 6mm wetsuit, 7mm gloves, and 7 mm booties. When it’s really cold, sometimes I wear layers underneath the wetsuit. And when it’s below 35 degrees out, the wetsuit’s not warm enough for me, so I wear my drysuit with a wetsuit hood vest pulled over.Where is the best surfing?MR: For short boards, Diagonal Ledges on the Gauley River. At 3000 to 3,200cfs, it’s a big green wave. Canyon Doors needs 800cfs to surf.MS: For SUP surf, if you have some experience, the Perfect Wave on the Gauley is great at 1,800cfs and 6,500 cfs. Some people get intimidated when there’s higher water but in a lot of places it’s safer (think about it—more water, less rocks).Another fun spot is Canyon Doors. I would classify that as an intermediate surf wave with really easy access and a really easy eddy. The two big ones, ones you wait for the right water levels, are Diagonal Ledges and the New River Dries. Diagonal Ledges is good between 2,500 and 3,500cfs while the Dries is good when the Thurmond gauge reads 18,000 to 24,000cfs. The Dries are so wide and bubbling and churning and stomping. Putting on for the first time will about make you throw up.Where can I get more information?MR: riverbreak.comMS:, nrgsuprace.comlast_img read more

Holladay scores second straight at West Liberty


first_imgBy Jerry MackeyWEST LIBERTY, Iowa (May 7) – Chad Holladay scored his second consecutive iWireless IMCA Late Model feature win in a caution-free 25-lap main event Saturday at West Liberty Raceway.Veteran Ron Boyse led the first few circuits before Holladay made his move into the lead using the high line off turn four. Boyse ran a very strong second, crossing under the checkers ahead of Nick Marolf.The Performance Concepts IMCA Modifieds saw Chris Zogg work his way to the front from a fourth row start, setting up a battle for the lead with Andrew Schroeder. The two frontrunners swapped the lead several times using the slide jobs to perfection.Zogg was able to secure the lead for good on lap 15 en route to the 20-lap win. Schroeder ran second ahead of Jerry Luloff.The Weikert Iron & Metal IMCA Northern SportMods saw great racing for the lead between even­tual winner Logan Anderson and Cody Harris. Anderson took the lead coming to the white flag and held off Harris for a car length win. Colton Livesy came across the finish line in third.David Brandies broke out of a pack early on in the 15 lap Kile Motorsports IMCA Stock Car main and went on to win the caution-free main event. Johnny Spaw battled his way to the front and set­tled for second ahead of Greg Gill.The US 6 Bodyworks IMCA Sport Compact feature win went to Cody VanDusen, who was able to hold off Jacob Smith at the finish of the 10 lap main event.Racing will continue on Saturday, May 14th with the Lil’ Racer Car Club holding its annual world’s largest candy scramble. The club will be out to break the 2015 record of 714 pounds of candy.last_img read more

EDward Gaming join the ranks of the Patriots and FC Barcelona as the team…


first_imgGillette has today revealed the brand’s first ever global esports team partner, EDward Gaming (“EDG”). EDward Gaming, one of the top Chinese League of Legends teams in the world, join an elite club featuring the New England Patriots and FC Barcelona in Gillette’s portfolio of team partnerships. It’s not the brand’s first foray into esports. Enrique “xPeke” Cedeno is already an ambassador for the brand and earlier this year Gillette partnered with ESL, sponsoring the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) World Championship. Gillette were on site throughout Katowice handing out free products. The move to partner with EDG shows an expanded commitment to the esports industry.EDG is comprised of Yang “Koro1” Tong (Top), Kai “Clearlove” Ming (Jungle), Yechan “Scout” Lee (Mid), Seong-min “Zet” Lee (ADC), Ye “Meiko” Tian (Support), Yuhao “Mouse” Chen (Top), Zhao “Fireloli” Zhiming (Jungle) and Minmin “Minn” Huang (Top). Although exactly what the deal entails hasn’t been released, the press release teased future content. It stated “[the team].. will support Gillette, and the shared value of precision, through a multitude of touchpoints over the coming months to bring fans closer to the action.”“We’ve all read about the incredible growth of gaming, but it wasn’t until we partnered with xPeke and witnessed the thousands of devoted fans who packed the Spodek Arena during the IEM World Championship that we truly understood the incredible passion of the gaming community,” commented John Mang, Vice President, Global Gillette. “The commitment to precision and performance under pressure displayed by professional League of Legends teams was inspiring to us and ultimately led us to partner with Gillette’s first esports team EDG, the top team in China and one that’s posed to break out on the global stage in 2017.”“It is an honor to be Gillette’s first esports team,” said David Ng, President of EDG.“For more than 100 years Gillette has been a leader in men’s grooming and has supported the best athletes and teams in the world. EDG is proud to join the brand’s prestigious roster and have its support moving forward.”Esports Insider says: Big move this one from Gillette. Congratulations to EDG, they’re in esteemed company as a Gillette sponsored team. It wouldn’t surprise us to see EDG players featuring in shaving adverts in the Eastern market before long.last_img read more