Downpour causes flash flood at mall


first_imgDespite the flooding, he says the stores in the mall will be open for business, Friday, but adds the cinema may be closed since it received the most amount of water damage. Photo: The parking lot of the Totem Mall was more like a sewer water lake./Adam ReaburnThe water in the parking lot was sewer water, he says, and warns that if flooding occurs again and water gets into the power room, people who are in the area could easily be electrocuted.Advertisement Photo: A truck attempts driving through the flooded parking lot at the Totem Mall./Submitted.Flash flooding and knee deep water from Thursday night’s storm in Fort St. John caused problems for some businesses.- Advertisement -Many of the stores in the Totem Mall were slightly flooded because the mall ties into the city’s drainage system, says Rob Schlitt, manager of the Totem Mall, and when that has reached capacity, the water around the mall cannot drain.Schlitt says the flooding in the stores only occurred because people were driving through the parking lot and splashing water against the building, adding that if that hadn’t happened, the stores probably would not have been water damaged at all.last_img read more

Road Rage Man dragged for 5 km on car bonnet in Faridabad


first_imgFaridabad: A manager of a private school in Faridabad, Shivam Chaudhury was driving on Wednesday morning through the Indian Oil Research Centre around Sector-9 to fetch his wife who is also a working woman. What followed in the moments to come not only shook Shivam Chadhury but also the nearby residents of the city who witnessed brazen violation of laws and murderous rage.Travelling in the Honda City car, Shivam’s vehicle was hit by a Maruti Dzire from behind. This led to a scuffle between Chaudhury and persons in the vehicle that was estimated to be six in number. Furious over the entire incident the vehciles then followed Shivam and tried to hurt him by trying to run over their car over him. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderIn the process to save himself, the victim jumped over the bonnet of the car and then he was driven five kilometers in the broad daylight. The misery of the victim did not end there, the culprits after stopping at Sector -14 area started to beat Shivam black and blue. The screams by the victim led to the passersby coming to the rescue. Realizing that they will soon be caught the people fled from the spot. Meanwhile, the Faridabad police have booked the case under Section 304 (culpable homicide) of the IPC. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsThis is not for the first time when incidents of road rage have been witnessed in South Haryana districts of Gururgam and Faridabad. In Gurugram the commuters have been brazen enough of even targetting the cops in effect not only injuring them but also in one instance murdering them. There have been incidents in the past when the cops have even lost their lives due to the reckless and careless approach adopted by the drivers. Many drunken drivers and rash drivers who have been penalized for their unlawful act have also got in a scuffle with the law enforcement personnel. Not only deaths but various police officials have also sustained severe injuries due to rash driving. To tackle such incidents a number of meetings have been held. It was decided among the officials that though tough action against the culprits will continue, the police on their part will try to be composed and be calm in order to tackle with angry commuters. Certain commuters also allege that there is growing anger against the police as they feel that often they are often being harassed on the pretext of being checked.last_img read more

Mumbai Actor Sonal Chauhan says web world and fil


first_imgMumbai: Actor Sonal Chauhan says web world and films are going through a transition period which is really good. She sees this as an opportunity for actors as they have a lot more to do now. After making her Bollywood debut in 2008 with Jannat, she went on to act in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and more Hindi films. Like most Bollywood actors, she also entered the digital space this year. “I won’t say that the content is better on the web than Hindi films because there are some very amazing films that are being made. Now it is a very good time in the industry where there are fabulous shows being made for the web. I am happy that this is happening,” Sonal said. Also Read – ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ has James Cameron’s fingerprints all over it: Arnold Schwarzenegger”It goes the same for films because we have some great movies being made.” According to her, a large credit goes to the audience as they have become “very intelligent and are accepting good content”. “It doesn’t really matter if it has big stars or not, what matters is that the audience wants to see great content. Both web and films are going through a transition period, which is really good, even for actors there’s a lot more to do now. It’s a good time,” said the “Paltan” actor. Also Read – Salman pays tribute to Vinod Khanna on ‘Dabangg 3’ wrap upAs for her first digital project, Skyfire, she said: “The reason why I chose to be a part of ‘Skyfire’ was because in that, throughout the show, I was with the boys. We were a team trying to crack something. We were doing it together and I loved that. Actores are mostly offered roles that are just about looking pretty. Whether it’s a movie or a show, when it gets too serious, they get a little bit of romance to make the audience feel lighter.” “But, I was one of the boys out there, helping them. I felt that the role was very strong and required a lot more from me than just looking pretty.”last_img read more