Share four points obtained from the philosophy of Shanghai dragon understanding


road is tortuous, the future is bright

as an optimization personnel, I think a lot of people have this kind of feeling, the effect is so slow, a lot of people in order to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking, the site of the implementation of the "kill". If a large number of the chain, to buy some high PR value of the keyword density and so on a double purpose. These can let us see faster promotion effect, but the effect is short. Sooner or later your "seedlings" because true food is not required for the development and the dead. In addition to the chain construction site we also need to follow a broken rule, do not immediately build new station on the line of the chain, or three days fishing nets two days of drying the hair of the chain, Shanghai dragon to respect certain objective laws so that you maximize the optimization effect. read more

Shanghai dragon Er Alert don’t let tools instead of you


then our thoughts on what time place? As the saying goes "do not seek a global insufficient to seek a field, it would have to rise to the website of the operation of perspective, the positioning of the website where, what is the strategic development, how to make marketing. The software is never to do things, and we can also say in the software to do a different competition, simply do the software to do things. Such as advertising copy tools can’t write it, artists this piece of software cannot substitute for it. In fact, the new concept is like the chain to do the chain one click it in so doing can bring to guide the flow link, we do have the active degree of the chain. I’ll give you four how to guide the flow of links as example. The chain tools can send the chain, but can’t do to guide the flow of the hair chain, with activity > read more