60 tons of bananas were destroyed by the destruction of 60 tons of bananas in Philippines


Shanghai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau 15, the two batch of weighing up to 60.34 tons of bananas were found in Philippines. These Philippines bananas were destroyed.

Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau revealed that in the two batch of Philippines banana inspection and quarantine, Pudong entry-exit inspection and quarantine department staff found the mealybug on fruit stalk position, then the sample sent to the Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau Technology laboratory. Identified as China’s quarantine pests concerned about the new pineapple gray powder scales. read more

How to make money in a 5 square meter Restaurant


entrepreneurship has become a popular trend, because a large number of entrepreneurial competition on the large, competitive pressure on the large, the cost of all aspects of entrepreneurship is the main reason for the high cost. And entrepreneurs feel the most important shop facade, only enough area of the facade will not be ignored by consumers. In fact, the legend of the legendary ribs told us that a 5 square meter store can be very profitable.

headquarters for 10 years to protect the interests of business operators and the prospects for development. The legend is not just bone or ribs wait for customers to come, but in the decoration, door design on a lot of thought, using eye-catching store image to attract people, and then use the delicious to keep people. Bone Legend Legend ribs investment as long as the customer personally tasted the ribs in his shop, it will be fascinated by its delicious, so no worries about repeat customers, do not worry about the business is not fire. read more

Venture jewelry stores can open the business success factors


small ornaments can play many roles, makes a woman more beautiful, also can make a space more life feeling, now many entrepreneurs have opened up jewelry stores, but also attracted by the profit, in fact people are now living conditions better. For some small adorn article needs also increased, so now open a jewelry shop, is also a market, the prospects are good. Here to introduce you, venture jewelry stores can open the success factors.

a, accurate positioning customer base

first made a survey, must know the local consumer spending, shops to determine consumer groups, and think of jewelry grade, for example, consumption ability is not strong, it is cheap jewelry store; this determines the future shop decoration style etc.. read more

Sichuan vigorously promote public Entrepreneurship


now employment pressure, many places are encouraging entrepreneurship, the Sichuan provincial government is also strongly support and encourage entrepreneurship, and strive to promote the public entrepreneurship, hoping to create a better entrepreneurial environment innovation. In order to speed up the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, comprehensively promote the public innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, to create a new engine of economic development. Sichuan provincial government held a provincial promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation "and" Internet plus "television and telephone conference. read more

What entrepreneurial minefield can not touch


entrepreneurship in the current has become an option for many people, but many people why they choose to venture but did not have a clear goal. In fact, it is now a national entrepreneurial era, many people are beginning to put into the boom of entrepreneurship, but everyone in the business venture, where there is so easy, how can the success of this venture is not a simple problem, therefore, as the entrepreneur must know a few thousand million can not touch the minefield of entrepreneurship. Domain name registration. read more

What are the names of the dried fruit shop


In the end

will use what kind of dried fruit shop name, not just from the can, when in fact many also want to have a certain meaning, so that more consumers remember shops, business will naturally develop better. So, if you want to give the name of the dried fruit shop, which will be more meaningful name? In other words, what are the names of the dried fruit shop?

1, dried fruit shop name: wood is Yi

interpretation: wood, fruit, or fruit, dried fruit; but, only; Yi, happy, happy together; the meaning is to eat, let dry dry cargo of people happy, that is really good food Yi wood. In addition, the name homophonic mummy, a symbol of food preservation time is long, not bad. The name of the creative and alternative coexistence, Bo eyeball weapon. read more