US plans a new round of financing of 3 billion valuation will be the fastest in PO


[Abstract] sources, IDG and Qiming Mito, will be in the new round of financing of approximately $200 million to raise funds.

Tencent Francisco April 14th message, according to foreign reports, sources said Wednesday, Meitu Xiu Xiu application developers Mito is currently preparing for the new round of fund-raising, the valuation of the company will reach at least $3 billion.

valuation of $3 billion will allow the United States to become one of China’s top ten private startups, the valuation will be more than the market value of the United States shop reviews Yelp. Mito’s application currently has 270 million months of active access to users,

founded in 2008, the United States has ushered in the right time. With the rapid growth of China’s economy, social media in China has been booming. A set of application Mito can help the user to adjust the personal photos with the most simple way to make the face look thinner, longer legs, make yourself more beautiful photos published on the internet. For some users who are addicted to photos on social media, it is an essential step to use the photo retouching photos.

sources said, IDG and Qiming Mito, will be in the new round of financing of approximately $200 million to raise funds. The news also said that the United States is also planning the fastest this year in overseas markets for initial public offering, China Hongkong stock exchange will be one of the company’s choice. As of now, the United States figure in an e-mailed statement declined to comment.

Chinese start-ups have opened a new wave of financing. Development and application of new technologies to help users find the plastic surgeon according to geographical location, said in March this year, the company has raised $50 million through the latest round of financing.

Mito completed the third round of financing in 2014. The company has accumulated through three rounds of financing to raise $360 million of funds, the company’s valuation reached $2 billion. Investors include the United States Li Kaifu (micro-blog) founder of innovative workshops. Currently, the development of the application has been installed in more than 900 million u.s.. Mobile application analytics company App Annie data show that the application of Mito has been ranked in the top photo and video applications in the Apple App Store in china.

Mito will use the latest round of financing to raise funds for the expansion of the field of facial recognition and smart phones, the company had previously entered into the Southeast Asia and India Foxconn market. Cai Wensheng, chairman of the board of directors said in an interview last year, the company plans to make smart phone shipments reached 5 million this year. (Ming Xuan)

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