Wang Chenyun who’s going to save small and medium sites


      Web site for more than 11 years, has never met recently, the environment of domestic Internet so disappointing, but this morning the idea in my mind.

      if you don’t know what happened this week, events China Internet, so I can say, you can not stand in the first line of the Internet, or just a IT critic, attention is eight pole could not beat you with the edge of the Sina, Sohu, Baidu what they, or just a visitor!!

      Shantou fengdiao server has more than a week, of course, not only blocked me a room, but Shantou more than 1000 servers, there are at least one hundred thousand sites, Henan before the room was sealed hundreds of servers, the sky overseas Takahashi, Caobao Road room was closed more than a thousand machines; then there will be other provinces and cities to the server room have been sealed, sealed and server reason is everyone as everyone knows. The intensity of the joint efforts of the ten ministries, the extreme means is unprecedented. I am on the ten ministries jointly organized by the network information inspection of the special group, the action taken by the doing, is to express the understanding of the twelve points. It is correct, this is the Chinese characteristics, and Congress to be held. It is necessary to maintain a relatively clean network environment. However, the maintenance of the network environment is only a "spare none, are frequent" practices? I think everyone has a standard in mind.

      I see is the small and medium-sized enterprises 1 million this week, hundreds of thousands of websites, personal websites, and even well-known large sites, looking for the new mainframe business, some of the more wicked mainframe business trouble, grab customers who blocked the IDC (by the way a: steal customers IDC company are generally small companies, large companies do not dare; so in the profession now these small IDC has not been closed machine, special team also did not check to you, it’s your turn here, you’ll see.) IDC, executives told me that many customers call their complaints and understand the situation, are weeping; they just want a little, is that as soon as possible to restore the site, but due to the policy of IDC are also incapable of action. But often you find a new space business, where the server has been sealed off.
      some words I can not say too bright, a little bit in channels, the number will be able to understand present blocked sites and events.

      fortunately, my main sites, the first time in the event of the closure of the point to the backup server, the loss is not too much, and after a week of hard

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