X era is coming to the webmaster waiting for the process to do


Kang Sheng announced X product after the Spring Festival large-scale testing, many webmasters are looking forward to the new version of the test, X product is what kind of concept, in the process of looking forward to what we should do?

X product concept conjecture:

according to the report of the relevant articles can be roughly guess X product profile!

front desk:

basically is another well-known domestic forum form, with a variety of home styles such as portal home page, SNS home page, DISCUZ page, which is the portal page with SS as a prototype, but enhance the data aggregation ability, can add articles, pictures, polymerization in SNS logs, activities, information and voting DISCUZ posts and other information. In fact, the whole idea is to be based on DISCUZ and UCHOME as the standard, but in order to survive the severe situation now [Special] record network, SS will pull out a portal style to fool those government officials. The X appearance of the product would be a bit long lane, the 19 floor of the taste, as for UCENTER, it is estimated directly K off, even if the current version is not removed, not long before it was removed, the initial target of UCENTER is related to the integration of integrated products Kang Sheng good and other PHP open source system but, from the official news, has the personal information has been completely unified, so there is no need to go to the UCENTER. But the necessary management functions directly into the X background, UCENTER is to continue to enlarge its range of products, so that the user can freely choose their products, collocation and design, but it seems that the strategy by the owners questioned, re adjust the strategy, to turn a circle back.

as for the function of the upgrade, it is estimated that nothing, but the following three highlights:

1, personal home page style custom

2, SNS group forum can be closed, in order to prevent repeat with the Forum]

3, data call, polymerization settings are more simple, more powerful.

official said before the plug-in assist the local portal site except WAP [this seems a lot of IDC are not allowed to open such as] classified information, real estate, business and other functions, perhaps we can see is just a prototype, this is not the focus of this upgrade. So don’t expect too much. As for the community’s profit model, e-commerce features, it seems that there is no change, Kang Sheng has no good model, can only continue to explore in 2010.


cancel the background of the SSUCHOME to the background of the discuz forum, the SS and UCHOME background management functions to the management of the forum background (here is exactly the background of ULTRAX), UCHOME, SS>

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