14 thousand cuts into 5500 CSCO denied leaked in advance to reduce the impact


Tencent technology news on Wednesday, network equipment vendors CISCO Systems announced that it would lay off 5500 people. The media suspect that CISCO deliberately disclosed before the massive layoffs of 14 thousand figures, thereby easing the impact on all aspects of employees, but CISCO denied this.

according to the U.S. financial news website MarketWatch reported Tuesday, U.S. News website CRN has cited "sources close to CISCO said, CISCO plans to lay off 14 thousand people, equivalent to the number of all employees in the company 20%.

Wednesday afternoon, CISCO announced layoffs, the actual figure of 5500 people.

CISCO officially announced layoffs after the American media and the industry began to suspect that CISCO deliberately disclosed digital layoffs exaggerated, to weaken the negative impact of layoffs has officially announced the.

The United States

technology market research firm Forrester Analyst (Dan Bieler) Bi Le said that if the first disclosure of a relatively large number of layoffs, CISCO officially announced to reduce the effects of impact, and after the announcement of the true number, may face some of the "bad mouthing CISCO people".

on Wednesday, CISCO said in a statement that there was a link between inaccurate coverage and inaccurate reports. CISCO said, according to the relevant U.S. law, CISCO will not be made before the official announcement of some disclosure.

in addition, CRN reporter Mark Haranas denied that his layoffs came from CISCO itself. He also said that he reported the size of the 14 thousand layoffs in the next period of time, a total, that is, in addition to the number of layoffs announced on Wednesday, CISCO will be more layoffs in the future.

announced layoffs, CISCO’s share price fell only slightly on Wednesday.

According to

reports, throughout the fiscal year, CISCO has continued to buy some small companies, in addition to hire new employees, and at the end of the year, CISCO will be layoffs.

from 2011 to 2014, CISCO for almost four consecutive years at the same time, announced a similar size of large-scale layoffs.

CISCO chief financial officer Kelly Kramer told the media on Wednesday that in the fiscal year ending in June 30th, CISCO has added a total of 1600 new employees. In addition to the new staff in its software and services business.

worth mentioning is that the United States veteran technology companies are large-scale layoffs, according to the relevant statistics, CISCO layoffs this year ranked only fourth. Previously, Intel announced that it would lay off 12 thousand people, DELL announced layoffs of ten thousand people, mechanical hard disk manufacturer Seagate announced layoffs of about 6500 people. (general / dawn)

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