2014 annual meeting of China’s computer network security will accelerate the popularity of music


today (5.28), for a period of 3 days in 2014 China computer network security conference opened curtain. The annual meeting will be hosted by Cencert/CC (National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Center) and the China Internet association. The annual meeting will be hand in hand protection, safety in the future "as the theme, around the" 4G era of mobile internet security, personal information protection and APT attack defense, critical infrastructure security, CNCERT CIE network security forum set up four thematic forum. The accelerated music is responsible for the protection of the site of the general assembly, designed to create a harmonious and safe annual meeting network environment.

not only that, accelerate the music team is involved in today’s 2014 China network security attack contest among them. The contest aims to promote and popularize the knowledge of network security, improve network security awareness, and promote the development and application of network security technology. To accelerate the music team and the cert center of Beijing set up the "Forbidden City", after the penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, mining, bug fixes and security protection in the 23 layers of the test, a team of strong competition, leading to the second score of 82 won the contest first prize. To accelerate the music team in the game show a strong network of offensive and defensive combat capability, watching the crowd from time to time smelled amazing.

in the next 2 days, the team will continue to accelerate the music in addition to the security of the general assembly, will also actively participate in various security issues discussed. China’s Internet security by the degree of attention and progress, for all to see. To accelerate the music just want to continue to contribute to the construction of a strong iron bastions China website "".

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