58 city sites such as suspected blood dependency profit model challenged


funding strand breaks, executives leave, collapse soon"…… Half a month, classified information website two giants (micro-blog), Ganji and 58 city news almost cannot do without these few words. Although the two CEO rumor in the first time, and for the "collapse" expressed extreme frustration and anger, but it seems not completely eliminate the outside world for their future profitability concerns.

news, 58 city hopes to go to the United States in August this year, IPO, and expects to reach $one hundred million this year as an annual revenue chips. However, up to 7 years, the Internet Co have to compete in the United States IPO financing, but did not see the shadow of the domestic classified information website.

was closed storm

"it’s all rigged." April 5th, 58 city, an internal staff to accept the China Times reporter said.

is here, the city of about 58 in the capital chain crisis news has spread all over the place. Rumors that the 58 city crash soon, last year, the city’s total revenue of $40 million, the number of employees was 7000, the total expenditure of $110 million, in 2011 the city’s annual loss of $58 in 70 million. Prior to the completion of the A, B, C round of financing money has been spent last year in 7, August has finished. Currently 58 city account only $30 million, the monthly loss of about $40 million, the company can only maintain operations for 4 months."

before the 58 city "accident", the colleague and rival Ganji just being famous". In March 17th, there is news that ganji.com due to tight funds, will launch a large-scale layoffs. Currently, buy and other departments have started layoffs.

"not a simple control group purchase cost, improve the operation efficiency of the action, attracted so many rumors. A total of 85% independent traffic flow, monthly bandwidth less than 3 million, no copyright cost of the website, a seven years of operation, the cost of personnel is the peer 1/3 website, how close please? Do some rational analysis, we look at the company tomorrow after work, is not massive layoffs that is not closed." According to the news from the collapse of ganji.com ganji.com, founder and CEO Yang Haoyong (micro-blog) (micro-blog) in the micro-blog responded in March 18th.

for ganji.com funds, Yang Haoyong said outside ganji.com capital chain is very healthy. Since the 2009 A round of capital, after several rounds of financing ganji.com, almost no more than one year interval. The latest round of financing has been finalized in the second half of 2011, will receive tens of millions of dollars in financing from the Internet industry’s top PE, fully guarantee the company at least 3 years of operation.

April 5th, 58 city related personnel to accept the China Times reporter, said the city has completed a number of 58

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