Li Zongnan talk about investment do not value the market and technology mainly personal



Jobs angel investor Li Zongnan (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Francisco April 7th news, this morning, Jobs angel Li Zongnan in 2012 Chinese Internet webmaster annual meeting said that their investment of an enterprise, the value is not the market and technology, which is mainly to see the individual entrepreneurs.

"this person should have passion, character and professional knowledge." Li Zongnan stressed that entrepreneurs should be a fantasy.

in addition, in the general assembly site, 72 year old Li Zongnan recalled himself and then Apple founder Jobs some stories. Li Zongnan said: "Apple’s technology is all from others, not invented new things, but to integrate other things."

2012 the annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster was held at the Beijing International Conference Center today (). The theme of the meeting is to seek a win-win development of the community by boat to the Sea Cloud era, the issue includes the platform to start business, mobile new opportunities, win-win cloud era, etc..

in addition, Congress has placed on the Internet product demonstration and Internet marketing services two venue, and awarded the "Chinese most influential local community website", "the most influential Chinese vertical community website" series of awards.

below is Jobs angel investor speech:

Li Zongnan: we’ll be half way in the morning, so I suggest we all stand up for 30 seconds. I would like to introduce ourselves to you, because what Zhang Xiang said is the official article, my name is Li Zongnan, Li Zongren, Li Zong, Hu Zongnan, Zong Nan, very allusions, I told Li Zongnan had nothing to do with Li Zongren, a little story. English my Charles Lee, the background of the two my background is introduced, I was born in Xi’an Zhejiang, my father and mother went to Xi’an to understand, and then put me out of my home, we are six brothers and sisters inside the boss, there is an old saying Chinese "a young idler, needy old", I have been as an example of the brothers and sisters.

I was a Chinese to go to the United States, 1963, I am here today all the oldest, you guess where I am born? This is my year of fate, I was born in 1940, 72 years. When my birthday in February 18th this year, my students, my children are with me, Dad, you may be too outdated, the Internet now the Internet is now so hot you should catch the fashion began to pull me to open a micro-blog. My micro-blog is a Tencent, another in Sina, the name of the blog called Li Zongnan to share life, I can share a lot of things, more than 70 years is not casually come over.

well, I went to the United States in 1963, after a stay of nearly 50 years, I am not only a Hua

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