Adsense network broadcast Thunder KanKan or the sale of foreign film and television drama is not loo


1 thunder sold 130 million yuan Thunder KanKan nest international media access disk

Beijing time on April 1st morning news, the thunder (Nasdaq:XNET) today announced that the company has nesound international media Limited by Share Ltd and the independent third party of Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "nesound international") to reach a legally binding agreement, all the shares held by the company will sell the Thunder KanKan.

thunder plans to sell yuan to the price of $130 million. The thunder board has approved the deal after considering the benefits it can bring to the company and its shareholders. Thunder that stripping Thunder KanKan consistent with the company’s new strategic focus, namely streamlining existing unprofitable non core businesses to focus management to implement mobile and Project Crystal strategy.

2 today from the Internet without the registration of foreign film and television drama  

April 1st news, today, the registration of foreign film and television drama will be banned on the internet.

in September 5, 2014, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio website issued a notice requiring Internet audio-visual program service website this website stood outside the television drama broadcast information in March 31, 2015 before the Anguidingbao press and publication administration department registration, April 1st unregistered foreign TV drama can not play.

3 Alipay big data system "in place" related to the domain name was registered  

Alipay X Lab in the April 1st hearing, today officially released in a social financial data system "(Alipay Everywhere), the relevant domain name has been registered.

it is understood that everyone can publish personalized needs in the "place", with the help of Sesame by credit, consumer habits, behavior pattern, social evaluation factors to construct a data model, and combining with RCT technology, the "place" can quickly accurate for you to find the most appropriate help, and guide the parties to complete the transaction.

4 media said LETV was the Ministry of culture to investigate the company temporarily suspended today  

Shenzhen 1 on the morning of the announcement, the public media appear on LETV information technology (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd information may have a greater impact on the company’s stock price, the company’s application, the company stock (securities referred to: LETV, stock code: 300104) on April 1, 2015 opening date of suspension, to be designated by the media company to disclose clarification after the announcement resumption, please investors pay close attention to.

media reports said today, the Ministry of culture recently issued the twenty-third batch of illegal Internet cultural activities and the list of potatoes, Youku, Iqiyi, LETV, Sohu, M > cool

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