The world’s largest travel review site into china


              Tripadvisor8, the world’s largest travel review site, officially announced on March 18 to enter the Chinese market, and start the Chinese name to the official website.

Tripadvisor listed on the Nasdaq, with a total revenue of $260 million in 2008, more than 64% of travelers as its first reference platform before travel. From Ctrip, eLong focused on providing business services of the tourism website, Tripadvisor’s business model is more aggregated from ordinary users for elements of routes, hotels, destinations and other comments.

to the general manager of the network Wu Hao said yesterday that the company will start in China from the direction of hotel reviews, has reached a number of cooperation with elong and other travel sites.

              vote: the world’s largest travel review site into China, tourism website whether to usher in the spring?

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