f you use Q group to enhance your traffic Experiment


personal webmaster every day for just a few hundred IP efforts, it has been said that the use of Baidu post bar can bring some traffic, I tested, but Baidu post bar is easy to seal the account, but also to use Baidu to play too tired, especially playing cat and mouse game is not realistic.

here I will give you a move is very effective, that is, the use of Q group to promote, directly on the IP is completely possible and true. Things are in front of. Simple and clear, not too complex, and it is completely feasible.

before doing this, there are 2 guarantees:

1, you stand on every day to update the readability of articles or articles can be more attractive

2, you have enough information, they come not only to a vegetable, to let people around you stand desire.

in Q group, there is a principle: it is best to chat more popular popularity of those, but do not choose the real estate intermediary class groups, these groups all over like a bee busy with their own information, finished and left, simply to pay attention to what other people say. I suggest that the choice of some of the small group, this group is more boring online, find someone to chat, and management is not strict, if you do not send advertising, they will not kick. In the end what group to choose, only to experience their own.

so you can every day to prepare several attractive articles, such as high joke, it is best not to put yellow or close to three things, if you want to rely on these to win everyone’s attention, then you are a fool, although the first time may come to see, but the following might allow you to get.

I have done experiments, got a post on www.yes81.net, then in Q group released 10 minutes to get more than and 90 hits, it is so simple, if you have enough Q group, I think one day on a stick 1000IP is not difficult. What’s more, you paste, you can plug and play in a few days.

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