Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 7 20 7 26


novice Webmaster: Web site is specialize in one or more flowering

When a few days ago,

sent two articles in the A5 Adsense nets, give me this website more than and 100 No one shows any interest in IP traffic, seems to in a good website to send some articles or a great advantage. In addition to bringing traffic, but also to bring me a few novice website novice webmaster friends.

business website should be how to plan

site planning is as a webmaster must have skills, if the so-called wrote "money" or do you stay in the small website, it is not necessary to overall planning, but if you want to be a promising site must do the site, so today. Talk about the type of e-commerce website should be how to plan.

Analysis of career direction of

personal webmaster

yesterday saw a report, said that individual owners of the monthly income is about 2000 yuan to succeed, I think this data is certainly not accurate, I can easily find 100 sites out of basic income is 0; now the webmaster basically rely on advertising, if by the traffic to reach a certain foundation can make so a little bit of money. If the monthly income of 2000. Probably need IP5000 stand it; otherwise how do you receive 2000; this kind of webmaster less and less, the average monthly income is $2000, and nearly half of the advertising alliance. If it is a garbage station, it is OK, you can rely on the amount to win. If you want to do the regular station, which is on the site’s quality requirements are very high, your site is not able to attract users, is not in your industry, establish a high visibility, and prestige.

Interview Zhang Yu: from bubble A5 to do weight loss navigation site

Kang home /wx:A5 webmaster, Hello, everyone, I am a fool! 33 this year, power generation professional graduates. Worked 7 years in the power plant, because not satisfied with ordinary nine to five life, resigned from the clerk to start, in the IT outsourcing business in Suzhou a IT company, because the good development of the Internet, then apply to the company for the construction of the IT outsourcing website, have a good development performance. After the resignation of the founder of his own IT company in Wuhan. Because of the fierce competition and the popularity of IT technology, a large number of students into the market, after six months of operation to withdraw from the IT market. Then start looking for new projects.

network business can become "employment recipe"

although I was a webmaster, but I never thought that he was in the so-called network business, although the number of some income, but does not let me completely into the inside, because these sites temporarily can not give me a long development power, the so-called network business there has three kinds: one is the network service, network industry to provide outsourcing services for enterprises; two is the culture of the network; three is the network of business activities. On the current network of entrepreneurship in Taobao shop a lot. Business shop

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