The impact and changes of WeChat subscription is the end of content areas


article reprinted from the three authorized public class (ID:sanjieke), author Huang Youcan.

two days over the weekend, the circle of friends quietly ushered in a wave of meaningful hearsay — WeChat "pay to read" may be coming soon.



although so far this is not entirely sure, but information from all parties, including the number out of the screenshot was quickly broke after has been closed and all indications, "subscription" will be on the line, it should be said that the basic is apparent.

In fact,

, paid subscription, in our view, is already a necessity. Even, we still feel that it is only now coming out, "a little time and again come out.".

I have written an article in the past, why live and content in 2016 will become the phenomenon of industry outlet, which has been mentioned:

in this era, high-quality content may not only attract traffic, on the contrary, the content itself and the transformation of consumer oriented transaction is becoming more and more smooth, even good content can be directly realized complete.

if the broadcast platform of the dispute, the current situation has become increasingly clear, then the content of ecological dispute, may show has just begun, but the story may be more heavy.

for BAT and other giants, "content" is more likely to become traffic fortress and their moat in the future.

In addition, Luke, a colleague of mine, also called on him in his "an article on how to be so crazy about being scolded in today’s headlines,"


I think it is necessary to reflect on the WeChat subscription number. In accordance with the content of the production, subscription number both PGC also has UGC, it is intended to do social push content, limit the number of push, improve quality. But with the subscription number increase, the quality is uneven, reading rate continued to decline, so out of an awkward "sticky" function.

however, this does not bring efficiency, nor necessarily bring quality. With the loss of user focus, the number of people operating the public has been difficult to get rapid growth of fans, users also feel too much content, the user’s product experience will be affected. This is what I have said, the content is used to say, has overflowed.

When the

content for users overflowed, you need to do is divided into content producers and grading operations, only the original label is not enough! For subscription number not much time! "Subscription," this matter, have to do


but even so, in my opinion, this feature appears on this node, it is still likely to be a hair pulling the whole body – WeChat move, it may be to the content of the industry in the field of pattern

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