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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 22nd news, 08 in April 20th at Ya’an City, Sichuan Province, a total of 7 earthquake occurred in the magnitude of. This is the strongest earthquake in Sichuan after the Wenchuan earthquake. The earthquake destroyed hundreds of interruption, base station room, cable cut off…… The Scourge Strike, Yau Guan Zhen people and communication. A phone call, send a text message, a micro-blog release, a WeChat issued…… Behind all the earthquake outside the blood relatives, friends, good for earthquake every life care.

compared with the Wenchuan earthquake 5 years ago, micro-blog WeChat has become a tool for people to understand the disaster situation! After the earthquake, the Internet has become the platform of disaster information transmission, Baidu prominently on the line "support Ya’an, looking for each life miracle" home page text links, guide to Baidu Post Bar tracing posts". Post Bar in addition to real-time news video broadcast, the bottom also includes a variety of content posts, such as help posts, donations posted, the disaster area, such as photo stickers. But many websites, web browser and media micro-blog picture are active black, as Sichuan died in Ya’an earthquake. ". Many TV entertainment programs are also active and inactive, rescue news broadcast.

domestic and foreign technology companies to respond positively, rush to the disaster area, as of April 20th 23 according to incomplete statistics, science and technology company promised donations worth more than 120 million yuan. Baidu foundation announced the first donation of 5 million yuan to the Ya’an earthquake by Sina micro-blog for disaster relief. Tencent public also expressed the first donation to the disaster area 5 million. Sina through the Sina sail public fund and the source project to Ya’an donation of 1 million yuan, in addition to Sina micro public welfare donation project 2 million, a total of 3 million. Sina micro public platform for Ya’an launched a number of donor projects. Including NetEase charity fund, Jingdong mall, Kingsoft, OPPO, people’s network and millet technology, including more than and 10 technology companies have decided to donate to the disaster area.

in love fundraising at the same time, there are also some disaster relief, fraud, and play some false news. Hope that in the face of disaster, we put aside the interests of the disaster area only to inject their own strength, pray for our compatriots, but also hope that the major webmaster friends to actively spread the positive energy of the Internet, put an end to rumors and speculation!

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