Baidu architecture adjustment search resources unified innovation business weight increase


Tencent technology Jianping, April 13th, reported

Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li today announced the reorganization of Baidu business architecture through internal mail.

from now on, Baidu will set up a "Baidu search company", by the search business group (SSG), mobile services group (MSG), composed of glutinous rice division, Baidu senior vice president, general manager of SSG Xiang Hailong as the new president of the company, reporting to Robin Li.

this is after a lapse of 4 months, Baidu once again to adjust the structure. December 2015, Baidu set up financial services group (FSG), Baidu vice president Zhu Guangren, general manager of financial services group.

Baidu last time after the restructuring of the business architecture (Tencent technology mapping)

the last adjustment, Baidu consumer business group, and Baidu wallet payment service team, and Baidu and Baidu internet securities business team, financial market research and strategy team was transferred to the financial services group, financial business has become a new class of Baidu.

Baidu after the restructuring of the business architecture (Tencent technology mapping)

The biggest change is the

adjustment, Baidu first 3 business architecture in two: search business group (SSG), mobile services group (MSG) were transferred to the Baidu search company, Baidu realized the unified search again on the PC and the mobile terminal.

is not just Baidu has such adjustments. Not long ago, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong announced that Ali after the completion of the wireless transformation, the recent Taobao and mobile phone Taobao team is merging and restructuring, Taobao also achieved a unified PC and wireless.

Another change is the

, general manager of Baidu MSG Li Mingyuan from the dragon in the structure to the same level, a subordinate relationship, Li Mingyuan turns to the dragon report, rather than directly report to Robin Li, Li Mingyuan in the business weight decreased significantly.

Robin Li did not forget to appease Li Mingyuan in the message, saying that is Baidu’s own young managers to develop, led MSG in the mobile transformation on the road to make a great contribution. Li Mingyuan hope in the future be able to work closely with the dragon, make greater achievements.

in Baidu, although Zhang Yaqin (micro-blog) as president, Li Mingyuan called the "Prince", but the Dragon really is the core of Baidu’s number 2 man, over the years more than 90% of Baidu’s revenue by business has been to take care of the dragon, the dragon as a conservative responsibility.

this adjustment is another important objective is, Robin Li will put more time and energy on the Internet financial, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence and other innovative businesses, and more from the layout and construction of the strategic level concerns ecological, ecological, financial and ecological services.

Robin Li said that Baidu to achieve the transition from PC search to mobile search, and in the field of O2O has made great progress in the market

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