Network brush off the group secret organization ordered a MLM shady


brush off with the seller’s behavior is fraud. The contract between them, which damages the interests of the third party, is invalid. Consumers to court rights, the seller must provide evidence of false transactions with customers. For an ordinary consumer, these are often difficult to prove

online shopping has gradually become an important way of people’s daily life, the store’s score, product sales and evaluation has become the basis for buyers to choose. However, these data, text really reliable


Legal Daily reporter survey found that the network does have a group of brush off exists. This huge group of organizations, a commission, and the seller of false transactions, for the shop to bring false sales and praise.

secretly, brush off everywhere

online shopping at the beginning of the emergence of the seller to find friends and family to help brush the situation. With the popularity of online shopping, brush off the growing population, there is a professional, large-scale trend.

little dream is an ordinary company employees, but also to brush off a reception.

brush has a single channel YY voice more than three months to do a small dream told reporters, now brush off mostly rely on third party platform, such as QQ group, forum, website, YY voice, brush off and sellers together. Chen said the new brush in hand, he is mainly active in the QQ group, less than half a month’s time, they pulled into the 4 groups, the number of each group are nearly 2000 people.

Post Bar, reporters at the forum saw a lot of recruiting brush off the post, some will help sellers brush straightforward instructions are single, or is "one day a hundred yuan for treatment, or introduce occupation with the tone of the participants personally.

has some recruitment on the job site. Who lives in Shanxi, Taiyuan Cheng told reporters that he had seen a recruitment website on the recruitment of online customer service information, and is released in the name of the network company. He paid a deposit, after receiving training found that the customer service is to help shop online shop brush.

reporters on the Internet to see a website called brush single network, operated by a network technology company. This website not only provides a single brush service, can also help the seller on behalf of the empty package to provide Taobao small hand brush. According to the data on the page shows that the platform has about 60000000 registered users, successfully created a series of explosive products.

organized in order to participate in the threshold is very low

single brush inside the organization is what kind of? The little dream that their guild like a company, not only the members of the configuration clear, also in order.

"the normal operation of the organization responsible for the overall management and exception, these managers are usually organized guild ‘senior’ character, responsible for the brush off put under the auspices of a single department, to the novice training department, the reception of new businesses and reception department brush off, these people in the Department don’t be assigned to >

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