World nternet Conference on the first day of inventory Network future concern


[Abstract] Xi Jinping delivered a speech to the opening ceremony, inspected the Internet Co booth and took a photo with the guests.

December 17th Liu Yalan Wuzhen Yimin Han Technology Tencent reported

one of the country’s top leaders speech, a trillion worth of photos for the Second World Congress of the Internet spread throughout the internet.

in the southern waters of Wuzhen, a gathering of national leaders, academic experts, industry elite conference is around the theme of building a community of cyberspace destiny.

is in the city of Wuzhen people’s impression of quiet water park in town, scattered throughout the life of the Internet service to remind people of the Internet and how profound changes to people’s life.

wireless charging devices everywhere on the street, business incubator space, convenient mobile payment services, all in fact that the Internet is strong and important.

and the second world Internet Conference on the first day, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president Xi Jinping China fate of cyberspace speech, and from the top sound also makes the Internet bigwigs have on cyberspace community.

can be seen everywhere in the media reporters containment chiefs also be the first meeting of a king. In the hustle and bustle, the elite dialogue and thinking, from the upper level, people’s Internet life has a more important impact.

internet life

Wuzhen water pillow next to the hotel at a coffee shop, is ready to accept the Tencent technology interview with the executive vice president of IDG global and Asia President Xiong Xiaoge (micro-blog) and hurried to the Lenovo chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing warm greeting.

in Wuzhen and the west gate on the other side of an inn coffee shop, two entrepreneurs are discussed on their business scope, capital cooperation etc..


River, sell water aunt downloaded from the network news client real-time understanding on the side of the world Internet Conference held in the shops, powerful mobile payment also remind participants to the Internet for the convenience of life.

this is the world Internet Conference, Wuzhen large and small hotels, cafes and even a small roadside restaurant common scene.

from the impact of the industry pattern of the Internet gangster, to the use of news client ordinary Internet users, the Internet are deeply affecting people’s lives.

on the Internet heavyweights, world internet conference makes Chinese Internet industry’s most influential gathered in Wuzhen to discuss this topic in cyberspace the fate of the community at the same time, a rare opportunity in, also for the various Internet companies, investment institutions at the helm and academic experts more exchanges provide an opportunity.

and for ordinary users, the world Internet Conference on the network ecology, will have a far-reaching impact on the Internet >

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