WeChat small friends of the survival of the status quo is divided into the world


just one or two years ago, some of them unknown to the public, some dilemma facing losses, while others are looking for the development of the road in the confusion, but a year later, they shine with a variety show on the world stage, is the movement of social heavyweights worldwide currently has more than one hundred million users. When the Facebook is heavily to $19 billion to buy WhatsApp, they become the world close mergers and acquisitions rookie, after this wave of enthusiasm, they or their partners, to do is how to use the fastest speed to carve up the global Internet social business layout.

Viber: from hell to heaven

if the time back to a year ago, Viber was losing the abyss of struggle, perhaps Israel is painfully Talmon boss hesitant to continue discussion from the pockets of additional investment. Viber has not been optimistic about the capital market." In the IT investors Yankee Sabra Limey seems that no one investor will be considered worthy of the Viber investment projects submitted to their partners. Therefore, since 2009 Viber founder, not from there to get a penny of investment, the main reason is the lack of business model — Viber has been losing money, and the founder of Talmon idealism plot for Vibre is to make pragmatic people discouraged investment.

Viber, a voice call application, through the VoIP intelligent mobile phone and computer free internet calls and text messages between users, but not completely open the application can directly call the "free lunch" let Vibre a total of 300 million registered users in a few years time, 193 countries and regions worldwide. Although the development speed of Viber is amazing, but the revenue is just passable, in 2012, Viber revenue from mapping and expression only $1 million 500 thousand, but a net loss for the year Viber has reached $29 million 500 thousand, even users are beginning to worry, at Facebook, has been proposed Viber how to maintain a free service? "When questioned, Talmon responded, will launch more service charges. As a few private investors to support a small cost of application, I do not know at that time whether the Talmon has been expected to belong to the Viber does not belong to investors,


Lotte is Japan’s biggest business enterprise, competitors, Amazon Yahoo and Japanese mobile social electricity supplier Line Mall. As a leader, Lotte Lotte President Miki Tanihiroshi is very clear, with 10 years of cumulative number of users may rival Line only need 1 to 2 years could easily surpass. Therefore, with access to global mobile Internet Viber tickets for the world’s first Internet companies do "Lotte, the value has been ignored in order to truly be reflected.

in the Line after the introduction of electronic business platform three >

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