Why is the female webmaster so little


all the attention of the third China Internet Conference held yesterday in Beijing new century Hotel Nikko was successfully held, sina Sohu Tencent NetEase sent staff to participate in the full coverage. This general assembly by the discuz and behind the organizers, attracted the most active from all over the small and medium-sized webmaster. As from Xiamen I dragnet station Cai Liwen, Ceng Muyang and other blue ideal webmaster. Guests, almost all of the domestic SNS chiefs present, we can see that Dai Zhikang’s appeal is really strong.

the only regret is that both speakers or individual stationmaster, uniform are old man, very few female webmaster. The questionnaire data and discuz pre made show that the ratio of no more than 5% female webmaster! On the Internet that most young people, the most active in the industry, why so few female owners? The author analyzes several reasons.

is the first historical reasons. China’s Internet development has been more than ten years, from the very beginning of the network is closely related to technology. While women are not interested in technology, the proportion of women engaged in technology is far lower than men. The early Internet environment is not as open as today, to build a web site does not have many templates for reference, many technologies have their own grasp. As long as a station, the program is the most basic requirements. Early webmaster = programmer. The technical threshold barrier of a large number of young women interested in the Internet, make them formidable. Even today, the popularity of network applications, the number of women in the network industry in growing, but most of them in the market, this kind of business application is a kind of network public relations or editing text work, really very few women start from technology. Less female programmers, female owners are relatively less.

on the other hand, as a whole, the proportion of female entrepreneurs in the Internet industry is far lower than men. Although this master general assembly with a special material to introduce a female webmaster, but look carefully to find these female owners have a common characteristic, whether Chunmei Ding, Han Hua or Li Xiaoxia, they are all successful occupation managers before the start, and in their respective fields have done relatively well, later, because of the interest or occupation ceiling turned to entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurs are basically more than 30 years of age, the mentality is more mature, there is little technical background. And their first step towards the network, is generally in the form of a company or joint-stock system, has its own team in the operation, which is different from the ordinary male grassroots webmaster. It should be said that this group of women is on a higher platform to start the network on the road of entrepreneurship. In a sense, they are not grassroots.

In contrast, male

webmaster, typical grassroots, poor and blank basically in 25, age, of which a considerable part of College students. There is no capital, and even the server space is very tight money, just because it will be a little technology or interest in, resolutely embarked on a personal webmaster entrepreneurial path. They are very weak in business and social connections, but this does not stop their pursuit of the Internet

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