2014 the Ninth China nternet entrepreneurs conference held in Beijing


A5 webmaster network (admin5.com) May 10th news: the 2014 China Internet entrepreneurs conference jointly hosted by Discuz, Tencent and jointly held in beijing. At the meeting, Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc, DCCI founder, Tencent, general manager of the Department of advertising platform, such as the results of the levy, such as the presence of the guests, and made a wonderful speech, respectively. The logic of thinking founder Luo Zhenyu, founder of Yu Rong in the United States chairman, mother health circle co-founder Gao Guangying and many other well-known entrepreneurs at the meeting point of view, provides a comprehensive and profound first-hand business guide for entrepreneurs.

it is reported that the conference to "building mobile business ecosystem" as the theme, in addition to the main meeting site, also set up another "mobile business", "mobile marketing", "Tencent entrepreneurship courses" and "Internet banking" four venues, including nearly 50 high-end guest keynote and Roundtable, more than more than 3000 entrepreneurs, more than 300 industry guests and 200 journalists gathered together to witness this entrepreneurial feast.

vertical field set off a wave of mobile

has experienced a full embrace of the mobile Internet in 2013, the wave of mobility is more turbulent, entrepreneurs face a more complex business environment. On the one hand, the mobile terminal of the grassroots entrepreneurs under financial pressure, the pressure of competition, it is difficult to form a giant scale of BAT; on the other hand, the mobile Internet thinking and covering various vertical field, mobile entrepreneurs continue to develop in the breakdown of the industry market, the traditional field of education, health care, transportation and other set off round and subversion round.

meeting, DCCI founder Hu Yanping released mobile Internet entrepreneurs survival status report, and the development of mobile entrepreneurs to make the latest interpretation, causing widespread concern of the participants.

fully open, connect all

how to seize the mobile Internet entrepreneurs the opportunity to help more entrepreneurs, senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc in Tangdao Sheng "comprehensive opening, connecting everything" said in a speech, "the era of mobile connections" has come, Tencent will be fully open attitude to help entrepreneurs to seize opportunities for mobile terminal.

Tang Daosheng speech site

According to Tang Daosheng

, along with the development of smart devices and multi terminal applications, people, services and equipment between the more closely linked, but the limitations of the equipment, security risks and management challenges is still restricting the freedom of connection. Tencent will be fully open through their own, to eliminate barriers on the connection, allowing entrepreneurs to connect users, rich scenes can be more free and smooth.

at present, Tencent has formed a more comprehensive open system, including the flow of open, open, open and open code. It is reported that since 2011 announced the permanent opening, Tencent open system has brought huge returns for developers, the platform should be registered

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