Write down what you know


      no other experience, talk about their own way, I hope to add the last point…..

      the first stage: junior high school contact network, contact QQ, rivers and lakes and other games, mainly talking about QQ, since the network is not considered to be late, ha ha because of family reasons, the home was the mainstream machine: 286 a

      at that time is to learn about the input method, read the book to learn DOS operating system how to hide files, know what is called the root directory, what… But not fun..
      a long time is about QQ,

ha ha…

      second stage: high school contact network game, a high school, are all female, good reading, great pressure, three began to turn professional students to the field of painting… Began to contact a kind of network game (Adventure Pirates)


      at the beginning of the time, as if there is a very famous name of the 5138, forgot to go up and look at the funny, miss that time of course, of course, BBS. computer also changed, for


      PC machine is no longer a rookie.

      third stage: personal homepage and blog is mainly 51 accidental contact, ha ha….. Began ignorant have their own (complete their own " website; "), has entered the University, learn a lot of software design, contact.

      because of the love of the network, so very love to surf the Internet, like the other girls to go shopping and the like. Of course, the network has brought me sorrow (here is not about). By chance in the understanding of a mop.com,

      you network Daren, he is standing on his own. He should be regarded as my first teacher.

      start: due to his teachings, and his friends (his group), I know a lot of Master, know the word individual stationmaster. Later I will drag him to help me buy a domain name space. The official start of the article of my

      a station, during which he helped, such as resolving domain names, binding space and then set up a DVBB>

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