have proof that Ali’s mother is Ma Yun


      first, please look at the Baidu encyclopedia on Ma entry: http://s.bk.baidu.com/view/16360.htm

      Alibaba is Ma Yun’s child, is also the Alibaba team and members of the child. The child, who was not in the hands of the Chinese people, is determined to Ma, from overseas to buy the alibaba.com domain name, but also the alimama.com, alibaby.com domain name registration. " Ali’s father, Ali Mama, Ali is supposed to be a babe. " Ma thought very far. However, don’t think he has a plan, on the contrary, " if you plan, you will fail. " he expressed this meaning in English in Harvard University, Harvard scholars for two consecutive years to Alibaba as a case study MBA.

      second, remember a video interview, I have seen before Ma Ma said before, taobao.com, they first think the name is Ali mother (alimama.com), was later released when the name changed.

      the video I forget which, you can find the video podcast, Sina Ma, here http://s.search.you.video.sina.com.cn/s? Key=%C2%ED%D4%C6& type=video& sort=click

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