Campus network today renamed Renren network does not affect the use of old households login


recently, the major forums are related to thousands of oak interactive group will be closed within a week of the campus network posts. Today, thousands of oak interactive group for this official statement, the campus network officially changed its name to Renren today.

it is understood that this means that the current largest alumni website will no longer exist, replaced by a platform for all Internet users.

Thousand Oaks, said the change will not affect the user login site, all user information are seamless transfer, just to replace a domain name only. The original campus network site will continue to use, will become a web site.

currently, the campus network has been one of China’s most influential Web 2 sites, in such a stable situation bold changes, the industry believes that thousands of oak want to aggregate user do boss.

analysis of the industry, products more Qianxiang, campus network, Kaixin, have a fixed number of users, but in their respective industries are not big boss.

in the SNS social networking site, kaix-in001 status, campus network and Kaixin are difficult to shake, and have also been subjected to the Tianya forum. Another reason is that once the school network users to leave the school quickly lost, or even become a rival Kaixin001 users.

again simply by virtue of the student user, the purchasing power is limited, the advertising value is small, the day after the website profit would be difficult.

informed sources said that thousands of oak interaction is likely to be mentioned above three sites merged to compete for the current community website boss. At present, the school is only the first step to change renren.

campus network

campus network was established in 2005, more than 70 million registered users, mainly in school students.

today renamed


login: (officially opened this afternoon)

thousand oak interactive

future communication and entertainment platform with

for the Qianxiang interactive changes, chairman Chen Yizhou said that with the campus network college users gradually from "internal" to "outside", and a growing number of young white-collar workers and other users to join the "school age", the single Alumni Service has been unable to meet the needs of users, the reform can hardly be avoided.

of the three in one thing, Thousand Oaks denied, and said, Qianxiang interactive will do two platforms in the future, one is to everyone based communication platform, the other is a Kaixin based entertainment platform.

Renren past life

back in 2000, Renren was once a hot spot on the Internet

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