Review of China most profitable nternet Group Soho Sina micro blog Satin hand Summit


I have long-term observation of the legendary network Soho Daniel who found their harvest fame and wealth is amazing. They rely on the special circumstances of the Internet has become a new era of stars, a cable, a computer, creating a new Internet legend. As the "millionaire" in the slums of masters like Jamal in the quiz show performance, these Soho Daniel who also wrote a new legend in their own arena, became the Internet millionaire".

Sina micro-blog

scripts hand became the most profitable Internet Chinese group Soho, Sina and micro-blog will be listed on the tonight, the hand piece from another side that micro-blog the largest Chinese social media public opinion value.


10 poison


you know YY female anchor is making money, I do not know can not do it, to look after a period of [I]. Do you know how much money YY female anchor in the end it is recognized as one of the most profitable star YY female anchor, ID, named the girl in Sichuan, a conservative estimate of 50 thousand yuan monthly income, up to more than $100 thousand. The poison in the YY channel is really the star has a hundred responses to a single call, thousands or even tens of thousands of fans to watch her singing and performing every day. Although the performance is not necessarily professional, but people are definitely interesting and good communication, and grow well – YY anchor star is the feeling.

type: YY female anchor




: influence

index: * * *




, who said the games are grass root? Also play into rich handsome, the first character in world of Warcraft will "Himeko, seventh heaven" is so. Seventh heaven was the first World of Warcraft in public, and game money mode is different from the general money brush equipment already, truly great guild can even control the game in the economy. In the first batch of network game "Magic Baby" as an example, some large public monopoly will succeed in most commodity prices, including materials, equipment and other pets, get a lot of profit by reselling way. Some guilds will use the number of players in the game and the first advantage of the skills to kill BOSS, to obtain the most advanced materials and equipment, and the president has the right to control these equipment and materials. And the seventh heaven in Warcraft completed a lot of "first kill".

and now some game has already begun occupation, because when a game equipment and materials to sell hundreds or even thousands of prices, the economic benefit is considerable, and the seventh have formed the occupation of heaven guild, also won a Hunan company 3 million yuan.

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