With the same name site should not be accused 19 floor Forum


Due to the 19 floor of the domain name cybersquatting 19floor.com also made a 19 floor and 19 floor is the original forum, 19floor.net forum sued to court  


wanted to "19 floor" stroll around the wrong place.

hurt a lot of people run a website wrong road

are fast network court

reporter Tong Wei

Washington always listen to the recommended "19 Building", the Internet can play the old half genius understand about, to the wrong place!

for some users in Hangzhou and even the country, such embarrassing things, chagrin, it is likely that there will be no more.

June 29th, the city express’s website are fast network formally filed a lawsuit to the Hangzhou intermediate people’s court, accusing the people of Xinchang Wang established to.Com suffix for the 19 floor domain name infringement. Currently, the case has been accepted.

in recent years, the newspaper and the 19 floor of the fast network has received readers, users such advisory telephone: how can there be a forum of the 19 floor?" ".net and.Com, which in the end is authentic?"

, though, for the vast majority of the old users, it wouldn’t be a problem: almost 19 buildings, founded in June 2001 by city express, registered domain name http://s.www.19floor.net, has become nearly 700 thousand users every day will go to the ground; and the ".Com" suffix "19 floor", later until 2005 half a year before they appear on the internet. But the latter is still the emergence of new and old 19 floor users have brought great distress. Old friends often touch the wrong door, not logged in, thought I forgot the password, shetenglebantian was originally found in the wrong place; new friends know the truth just over there home, playing for several months after the discovery of the wrong place! A few months of feeling completely wasted!

Wang founded the "19 floor", both in the domain name, structure layout, section setting, color pages, the name of the forum, with almost the same or similar network of 19 buildings, and even copied the name of some specific sections, such as "cool E pie" and "the father mother chat room"." Fast network marketing director Xu Jie told reporters, "the king of a website, external in" 19 Building Forum "itself, even claimed to be" Hangzhou’s most popular forum ". These practices are quite ridiculous!"

he thought, "this famous website" free rider imitation "and" dew "behavior, serious and confusing, causing public misidentification, violated the fast network and city express rights."

accordingly, fast network on 29 June, the court filed a civil complaint, put forward the following claims: "the defendant to stop infringement.

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