Brush list of those things demand determine the basis of cost and harm



[core tip] brush the consequences of the list we all know, but there are people desperately in the brush, in addition to the interests of the interests of the driver or drive. When your pursuit of the product only money, for you, the mobile Internet era, it is over.


talent shows itself in the fierce competition? Free App applications typically use the built-in advertising fees or items of profit, while App ranking applications to produce more downloads, download is the premise to generate profits. Therefore, the commonly used App promotion methods include AppStore advertising, application built in advertising, third party software push, etc., compared to the brush chart expensive and slow. So the brush list has become the first choice of a lot of rich companies, if you look at the breakdown, in fact, there is a difference between the brush list and brush list.

brush list needs


some small applications, there is no big company support, only brush list to get a large number of users. Not all users are empty, dead brush list, hope that through access to the user can be bigger, this is the most common phenomenon of brush list.

driven natural download


application belongs to the built-in application fee, in the game are mostly brush list more time on the list is long, can bring more natural download, will get more real users, of course, users pay more, with greater likelihood for such products, the main means not download its earnings the main source of income, with the built-in props and other charges.

investment demand

some products to a major part of its operations as a brush list, the monthly fixed investment not a small sum of money, let the product for a long time in the total list of the top 100 or top 50. These products are generally behind investors, the expenditure for individual developers and small team to bear, but for those who want to find B A brought round round of products, this money is a pediatrician, a good data, when the B round of valuation can be a little high, sell a good price. So some products to the B round of financing, the performance of the AppStore is very active, take the investment is the main demand for its brush list.

on demand with brush list please see the @AppStore brush list those things long: "pig, too".

judge brush list based on

to determine whether an application brush list, apple officials did not give a clear definition, but there are some places can refer to.

rapid rise in short period

The rapid rise of

short period called, from the literal meaning is easy to understand, as long as there is no sign of an application in a short period of time from the hundreds outside what jumped into the top 50 or 25>

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