Those who suddenly collective action from the media questioned Ctrip black PR


, the online travel industry is volatile, unfortunately, does not appear in the apex bloody normal business we have always understood, it appears in the dark side of public relations.

in May 16th, where to publish a quarterly report, the overall revenue showed 83.6% high growth rate at the same time, in the field of wireless industry is most concerned about, which also appeared in the rapid growth of 421.2%, and the proportion of the total income has reached 32.1%.

beautiful enviable data at the same time, but was questioned to the seemingly organized "". The gunmen came back wings, on where to report earnings after second weeks, such as the world and so began a series of self published media accounts of various nonsensical for where to go negative. Had to let people doubt its biggest competitors ctrip.

even if you think it is done, it overestimates the competitors really bottom line. The morning of May 22nd, an article entitled "where to make investors desperate" manuscript, was issued by a named Li Tong’s account of the tiger sniffing, while being hung headlines.

subsequently, also less than eight in the morning, as many as more than 30 investment circles in the mailbox of the usual appeared in this manuscript link.

there are investors after the forwarded message to me said, this is actually a "do not put a lot of related concepts rigidly pull together, although the title of the article’s author is identified as the former investment bank practitioners, but read carefully weighing just a little, it will actually come from a" as a financial analysis of the industry, but in fact lay persons hand.

, a media friends concerned about online tourism for many years in the WeChat circle of friends has given the following comments: "a seemingly professional, but the Its loopholes appeared one after another. cited data and manuscript, the concept of multiple confusion, but the conclusion is not to be brought to the surface where negative, but in the form of posing as tall, really easy to make uninformed people for gospel truth, from a public relations point of view, is the senior black."

is located in the bottom of the tiger sniffing the article page, many industry users also give a similar point of view, while others questioned why the tiger sniffing the public relations will be placed in the headlines. Reminiscent of the former tiger sniffing in the mouth are scolded Ctrip leak door incident, actually sent to Ctrip several articles have a very clear meaning of the soft text, and perhaps easier to understand)


did not want to speculate, but it is easy to be reminiscent of black public relations role in promoting. When an industry giant’s main means of competition from the business and mainly used for black PR, for other businesses in the business, this is really a suffocating repression.

and concerned about the online travel industry, I am afraid it is no stranger to this, Ctrip’s public relations is not only aimed at the past where a home.

I remember last year, when elong and Ctrip price war, often.

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