Sina micro blog accelerate the pace of commercialization cooperation with Taobao push information fl



Sina micro-blog accelerate the pace of commercialization: cooperation with Taobao push information flow display advertising

TechWeb April 18th report text / Jing Wong

following the fans pass, Sina micro-blog commercialization and new progress. Yesterday afternoon, Sina, micro-blog and Taobao cooperation to promote the "recommended" window function officially launched, the daily flow of information in the user push about 3-5 commercial display window, when the user released the single commodity page contains Taobao micro-blog link, below will automatically appear in the module, click enter more Taobao products display page.

According to Sina micro-blog

with regard to the interpretation of the "recommended" window function is Sina micro-blog and micro-blog mainstream business platform users of social relationship and interest of data products based on the depth of cooperation, according to the micro-blog information flow in commodity related data mining depth, trigger related content recommendation.

According to the introduction of sina

, micro-blog through the advertising content screening mechanism, by micro-blog platform and partners of short chain analysis, recommended related products may be of interest to the user, understand user behavior data in website and on this basis, to achieve accurate push to this part of the user.

"recommended" window function marks the launch of sina micro-blog user data mining from individual combat to cross platform cooperation with micro-blog since its inception launched open platform strategy.

Sina micro-blog to accelerate the pace of commercialization

2012, Sina micro-blog users exceeded 500 million, but the large number of users did not bring the income is not enough to match with micro-blog, Sina in 2012 the total income of only $66 million, but spent 160 million dollars. On the other hand, Tencent WeChat in just two years, the number of users to break through the 400 million, but also to bring no small pressure on Sina micro-blog.

commercialization has become a Sina micro-blog must do in 2013. Facts have proved that the pace of commercialization is gradually accelerating.

currently, advertising is still the main revenue model Sina micro-blog. According to 2012 earnings report, Sina micro-blog has 77% of the annual revenue from advertising, the amount of more than $50 million. These ads are based on "social media" display advertising, advertisers are mainly brand advertisers.

Sina micro-blog is currently the main form of two forms of advertising, one is the PC side and mobile terminal advertising display advertising, and the other is the information flow advertising. "Window recommendation" is also following the "fans pass", Sina micro-blog try another information flow advertising.

at the end of last year, Sina micro-blog’s first attempt to information flow advertising fans pass, that is unified, timing, quantitative push to the user micro-blog information flow advertising. According to the internal data show that fans pass to take CPM+CPE billing, CPM>

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