DedeCMS V5 3 official release


DedeCMS V5.3 is another masterpiece. The formation of the team after the launch of the new version of this release, a continuation of the previous simple, easy to use, efficient, and in this version to further strengthen the concept of modules is the webmaster Jianzhan preferred tool, through the combination of different models, can form a variety of local portal applications industry, government and enterprise web portal, etc..

release of the new version of the kernel has been a major upgrade, standardize the core documents to write a member of the relevant procedures. At the same time, the template engine made a lot of adjustments, while retaining the original template features, the new version of the more emphasis on the specification, easy to use, scalable, so that the template becomes more convenient.

in enhancing the user experience at the same time, we focus more on the program function robust and easy to use. This new version adds more new features, such as module installation and packing, fingerprint verification, file access, WAP site goods and payment interface, while the column model, and documentation of all aspects of doing a upgrade.

after 4 years of development, DedeCMS is increasingly mature, our products get tens of thousands of webmaster affirmation, the new V5.3 release, like millions of owners to bring timely assistance, warmth in this cold winter.

new and upgraded features list:

1 to increase the number of columns to create function

2 column management department to increase the content of the project, instead of the original column management in the use of a separate page

3 add content model export, import function

4 content model increases the linkage type field support

5 cancel the content model of the original custom main table function, increase the single table content model

6 add content recycle bin function

7 increase the "commodity" model, and provide the relevant payment interface

8 add custom form function

9 upgrade module management function

10 upgrade review system

11 upgrade acquisition system, the main highlights:

a, the wizard to create rules

B, support the same rules specify a number of different export columns

C, support monitoring and acquisition mode, a simple collection of historical content to repeat the process of whether there is an update

12 upgrade member center, to ensure security at the same time make the inside of the operation is more simple and easy to use

13 open default article system WAP browsing mode

14 upgrade template management functions, in addition to the convenience of the creation of hook debris tags online, the main template are annotated


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