How to do the marketing of Alipay


You may have heard of

QQ marketing, WeChat marketing, but you should have heard of Alipay marketing. Some people may not understand, Alipay is not a wallet? How marketing? Well, today Shao Lianhu will share the Alipay marketing method, interested can go to operation.


Some time ago to update the

mobile phone Alipay 9 version, Alipay launched to create a group chat function. The Alipay report maxed out the platform, all broke this thing. Moreover, Alipay’s new version can earn money by Alipay group, we can understand the can see the article "how to use the Alipay group funds earn hundred days"


later, Alipay has launched a service window, I have a registration, and found that WeChat is almost no public and friends have said as like as two peas, Alipay will launch a circle of friends. Alipay launched no matter what kind of function, as long as it is good for us to use on the line, there is no need to think so much.

so, what will the Alipay more than WeChat? If you don’t, don’t play, put Alipay when a wallet. If you think Alipay has development potential, then you can begin to play Alipay marketing, do not like WeChat marketing, wait for someone else to do before you start.

Alipay marketing we can fully in accordance with the method of WeChat marketing, such as Alipay group and other people, create a way to do. The following is to tell you that now some people in the Alipay marketing method:

first, Alipay added


version of Alipay has a function to add a friend, like WeChat. However, this can only add Alipay Alipay users. You can find some Alipay account on the Internet, and then add them through the pay treasure will become your friend.


second, mobile phone contacts into Alipay

Alipay and WeChat

have the same function, is that you can put the mobile phone contacts into alipay. If your mobile phone contacts more, you can add them to your friend alipay.


third, Alipay group to create


can create groups, including funding group, chowhound group, entertainment group, activity group. What do you do, you can create a Alipay group, your users are added to the group.


fourth, Alipay

promotion group

Alipay group after we need to promote can, through QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, and other web site network promotion method to promote your Alipay group. Of course, you can also

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