No Zuo die no the organization is a single brush on the road to the death of the Jingdong push



has established Jingdong mall annual losses, but with the rapid logistics distribution, or how many accumulated some good reputation, won a lot of hand chop Party of love. However, the recent occurrence of a thing, is to allow users to change the views of Jingdong – Jingdong, or the respected companies do?


days ago, some users report the Jingdong staff merchant brush, spent 5000 yuan to 500 thousand yuan a single brush. The Jingdong employees called Jingdong – white Lingyun, through the communication between the employee and the merchant Mr. Wang can be seen, the brush is approved by the leadership of Jingdong, will not affect the store. Employees of the Jingdong also explains in detail how to set up a new category, how to brush the operation, for the customer to dispel concerns. Moreover, the shops through the brush, but also to help Jingdong to complete the sales task, Jingdong mall can give a certain amount of resources to reward.

the staff also revealed that many of the third party stores located in Jingdong in the brush single, ordinary brush will be dealt with, after the approval of the approval of the brush, it is very safe.

Jingdong employees through the chat records found that this phenomenon is not a case in Jingdong, and is organized. In the network, there are a large number of Jingdong to brush single group, as long as the merchants are willing to pay, all kinds of fraud be nothing difficult.

obviously, Jingdong to help businesses brush single fictional sales, not only for businesses remain in a proper sphere is not fair, there is bad money drives out good money too, and the Jingdong is in fact to deceive consumers. For some consumers, they prefer to refer to the online sales of the product sales to buy, they believe that the greater the sales of the product more reassuring. However, Jingdong to help businesses brush single practice, to mislead the consumers.


Liu Qiangdong once said, "if the Jingdong also sell fake goods, it is not just like Taobao!" the publicity from the existing point of view, the phenomenon of fake Taobao Jingdong does not have serious, but the Jingdong to resort to deceit and the default brushes, is also in the face of Liu Qiangdong.


, we only know that part of the Taobao business crazy brush, fictional sales, and now, Jingdong embarked on the old road of Taobao. For the Jingdong, this is a dangerous road, doomed eternally. If you do not stop in time, to strengthen the internal rectification, its brand image will be destroyed on one day.

it is understood that the sellers increase sales or store ratings by improper way, the Jingdong found a deduction of 25 points, false trading through improper means to improve product sales or improve store ratings, the Jingdong has the right to open platform to delete the goods or delete the relevant stores score. But now, the Jingdong is under the lights black, only anti merchants, do not prevent their own employees, but the lack of stringent regulations Jingdong, it is precisely the integrity of the internal walls of the ruined.

After the exposure of the

scandal, Jingdong responded that, Jingdong open platform from the beginning of the establishment, has developed strict corporate policies to prohibit the emergence of scalping behavior. For the report of the brush >

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