Space marketing has to say the secret


today is a coincidence of circumstances being pulled into a chat room, wanted to look away, but found that the speaker is an old acquaintance of river level, with a curious look at him to share what. The QQ space marketing, combined with the city space marketing he told to do their own reflection, found a lot of shortcomings, and some details of the perfect place, city to combine their own experience to give you space marketing friends do hint to offer……


Whether it is WeChat

marketing, QQ marketing or friends is certainly unavoidable, so many people are to add friends, add friends after private chat is advertising, or advertising space circle of friends, in fact this naked advertising is very difficult to produce what effect, just for others to pull you black. So before doing marketing, the first consideration is what we can bring to our friends through marketing, so that they can learn something, and then consider how to advertise.

a, about log

empty space is actually in marketing, to create a self media, every day is to share their own original articles, and feeling content still has merit.

content to be valuable

day is probably about ten finished articles published in space, and are in the revised several times after the release, in order to let my friends can learn something, although at the bottom of the article is available and we link SEO diagnostic services, but it is the time you have intention the point of the link I could be happy, don’t read the article to go I do not have what idea, can you give me a praise of my article is approved.

Do much in tourism and real estate in

city friends, in order to allow them to find more website profit point, spent a week to study this kind of website and articles, and then write out each station operating mode, from the heart of them as friends, rather than customers.

repeatedly released

of this city do very well, every time to finish the article done, not what follow-up work. In fact, the amount of information space is still very great, your article may soon be settled, so repeatedly sent every day, you increase the visibility of articles, to attract more people to pay attention, then you the link at the bottom will be more people to click.

click on their own

to do marketing people, diligence is necessary, and this forum, forum to vest to the top post, also need space, your QQ must have some vest friends, once published, on their own to review and comment on, the more the better, even can reverse the direction of thinking, such as to attract people to participate, but also can make your articles updated in trends in.


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