Talking about why is the enterprise website SEO so seriously


SEO is one of the most common means of network marketing, but also the most direct and effective means. An enterprise website, is the business card on the Internet, through the SEO, on the one hand can enhance the visibility of the enterprise in the industry, on the other hand can attract the target customers, help product sales. Of course, nothing can be accomplished overnight, SEO is a long-term accumulation process. Nevertheless, SEO has been a lot of attention and attention of enterprises, what is the reason for this? Next, I will talk to you about this topic:

1 targeted strong

different network marketing tools, is to push the site to the user in front of the site to enhance the exposure rate. Even so, if the user does not have the actual demand, such a push will not achieve the desired results. On the contrary, SEO can effectively avoid the defect, SEO to search engine for the media, users in the search related products, accurate site will be pushed to the user, so that each target users are likely to be potential users, the conversion rate is not naturally low.

2 high cost

and SEO, the search engine itself can also be launched in the promotion of competition in the user search related products, the first time the enterprise website pushed to the user, targeted is also very strong. However, the choice of promotion is usually required to pay expensive fees, those hot industry, competition is fierce, higher costs. In contrast, the cost of SEO need to invest a lot of money on the economy, only need to pay the salaries of network marketing staff can. In addition, once the bidding promotion stops paying, traffic will drop; on the contrary, SEO is different, as long as the data stabilized, even for a long time did not care, traffic can be maintained at a relatively high level.

3 traffic can expand

The ultimate goal of

SEO is to improve the ranking of the keywords, to bring more effective traffic to the enterprise website. The search engine for promotion, if add keywords, cost will be increased; on the contrary, SEO is different, once some keywords ranking stable, only need to adhere to the daily maintenance, but also can develop the new keywords, that is to say, SEO is not restricted in the number of key words, and does not require additional costs.

4 user group wide

With the development of

search engine, more and more users had a dependence on search engines, but when shopping, will carry out a detailed understanding of the search engine. Enterprise website implementation SEO, the purpose is to let the enterprise website in the search engine has a good ranking, increase the site’s exposure rate. According to the latest statistics show that more than 60% of users will be selected through the search engine entangles when shopping online. Thus, SEO is still facing a wide range of user groups.

precisely because there are many advantages of SEO, so more and more companies began to focus on SEO>

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