Talk about shopping website promotion skills


for the majority of people in the network business, the problem is how to start the site as soon as possible, and enrich the content of the product. But once the site, most for site traffic and headache. In fact, the promotion of the site should also be regarded as a system engineering, should consider many aspects. Below, I combined with the promotion of shopping website experience to talk about how to do web promotion.

1, re target market, improve their ability

generally, for most people, is to have the source, and then do a website, so their target customer groups early will be locked in the supply of their corresponding customer group. However, good network marketing master, is a network of experts, but also should be the goods of experts, for the same product, in addition to the manufacturer of the selling point out, we should also re innovation, find another selling point.

2, good at web site statistics

site is virtual, we rely on the naked eye is difficult to know the overall situation of the site. Always look at the statistics on your site, see where potential customers come in, browse the products, and stay longer on the product pages. This will not only help us to find the deep-seated needs of customers, but also to do some of the popular trend of their products to predict, so that we can adjust the product structure of the site.

3, the collection of popular keywords, reasonable distribution in the commodity Title

in addition to Taobao to collect keywords. Can also be used, with Baidu, GOOGLE search, look for some relevant keywords.

4, the promotion of the site itself soft advertising

Taobao forum is a very active forum, pay attention to the promotion of the forum, will be their own promotional effect multiplier. Soft should be very appropriate to describe the services provided by our website, products, advantages, at least should be mentioned.

5, try to use their links

exchange Links is very important, not only can improve the traffic, but also can improve the search engine exhaust, as a site administrator should take the initiative to find some business with their complementary products, related websites to exchange Links.

6, buy keywords promotion website

now the third party e-commerce information publishing platform is a free platform for the release of information, due to the release of massive information, leading to a large number of information disaster caused by flooding water, so if you want to own the goods get the recommended opportunity, so the best method can also buy keyword advertising etc..

7, other methods

other methods is to say more online methods, such as: through QQ and other chat tools, mass device software, e-mail and other promotional methods, but I think

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