Micro blog marketing is more and more popular around the three major features of micro blog marketin


on the Internet every new product was born and popular, has also announced the birth of a new network marketing platform, from the QQ to the search engine, from blog to SNS, the platform has now become the main force of network marketing, and with micro-blog’s popular, according to statistics, there are nearly five hundred million of Internet users across the country, which has nearly two hundred million users have their own micro-blog, micro-blog now visible coverage has begun to exceed the blog, comprehensive and QQ instant messaging platform to micro-blog marketing will become increasingly sought after


marketing at the same time sought after, not necessarily can represent you can pass micro-blog marketing success, because a new platform will have its own characteristics out of the ordinary, if you are not able to grasp the characteristics of these platforms, so the marketing effect will appear deviation, and even on the situation. Combined with the experience of their own long time micro-blog marketing, summed up the three characteristics of micro-blog marketing with the hopes of the webmaster friends help!

A: micro-blog content brief, marketing directly into the core


the strange name is mini blog, the micro is mainly reflected in the contents of a brief, usually the longest micro-blog not more than 140 words, in this hundred words, in addition to tell everyone interested in the topic, but also the promotion of their products out, it seems a bit difficult, but micro-blog is the fast-food reading makes marketing more efficient, but also reduce the spring marketing style, selling products until the core, which quickly occupied the user’s eye


two: micro-blog interactive advantages, can produce a viral marketing effect

Many people say that

can produce soft effect of viral marketing, in fact, viral marketing effect micro-blog better, we will be able to from the Yuan Li and the other actress played bickering that micro-blog’s powerful marketing effect, moves every time Yuan Li, will immediately attracted many fans crazy reproduced, short time let Yuan Li’s famous line up, perhaps Yuan Li micro-blog is just a careless move, but its strong interaction strengths, to let people sit up and take notice, from the point of marketing, also have to show the white feather! Of course, soft paper marketing and other advantages, such as the construction of the chain, SEO optimization, will not be detailed here.


three: micro-blog marketing is a word of mouth marketing, proactive marketing


marketing and other marketing methods have obvious differences, such as the traditional TV media, print media, is through the means of advertising, promotion of their products will be hard to love or not to love the user, the advertising flow rate is often not satisfactory! Although micro-blog marketing is simple through micro-blog to promote to their fans! And a good micro-blog, or micro-blog fans interested in the content, the reproduced speed is amazing, but fans every time is reproduced, help >

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