Car video media 30 seconds to understand the car announced the home of the Pre A round of the 15 m


news August 4th, car video media "30 seconds to understand the car recently announced that it has obtained 15 million Pre-A round of financing, led Party voted for the car home, CPT capital, investment capital with songbai.


it is understood that the current round of financing will be used to continue to strengthen the professional media attributes, as well as to strengthen the introduction of automotive evaluation video professionals.

30 seconds to understand the car CEO Feng said early work, want to do brand and influence the quality of the content, later can be done on the basis of the economic community for riders, such as the sale of goods and services around the car after the car. Improve the ability of mobile subscribers to pay, so as to cut electricity supplier business.

is reported that 30 seconds to understand the car was founded in October 2015, with App, WeChat public number, mobile wap station to a new form of new car video, Interactive Encyclopedia, community, the sale of the core business.

30 seconds to understand the car offers more than 6 different video file location column for car buyers in the content, including the main column of the "second", "Ye tinkling tinkling it on", "second car Xiang Ye" answer "Daily News" car smell "traffic light", 30 seconds to understand the car and 4 car video anchor, live in Sina micro-blog, Youku, reflected off, bucket angle, NetEase and other platforms. 30 seconds to understand the car is also creating a personification of the IP second god".

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