Jerry Mont how to use teacher’s Day promotion website


when the Qixi Festival "festival, my article" the Qixi Festival "manufacturing marketing opportunity you catch a few?" caused a good response on the Internet, many webmaster use I provide the method does improve a lot of traffic, tomorrow is teachers’ day, in this, I’ll we explain how to use the site to promote the teachers’ day.

first, we will analyze the characteristics of teachers’ Day:

teacher’s day although the sense is the teacher’s day, but for our website, the largest audience is that part of teachers in the holidays, there is of course the most students, of course, friend, lover. Therefore, we should choose to carry out targeted publicity in the advertising language.

what kind of Web site use teacher’s Day promotion has advantages?

1, gift type sales website, every holiday need to give gifts, special sales of gifts in this area must have a unique advantage.

2, SNS community website, this website is basically all the various festivals, because of its wide access to the crowd, so this kind of site advantage is self-evident.

3, enrollment type website, the current enrollment on the market a lot of websites, such as the website to do a special admissions, but also have specialized training sites, can be carried out in this regard.

4, technical web site, do technology, of course, can not be separated from the process of teaching, teaching technology this behavior led to the emergence of the teacher, so a variety of technical sites can do more articles in this article.

of course, the other site if you want to get really creative, can go up by the teacher’s day, such as the IDC website, can carry out promotional activities with the help of the teacher’s day, the type of equipment procurement website can also use this holiday teaching instrument of propaganda, the people need to play their own creative promotion.

what are the ways to promote the promotion of teachers’ day?

network promotion is that several sets of conventional tricks.

1, advertising, some big website advertising is certainly the most tempting, but if funds are limited, you can also go to some small sites to advertise, of course, it must be good choices, such as your website development, the best to do the corresponding webmaster forum advertising, that goal precision.

2, write text, sing the same old song, but remember, the article not empty, write some articles to help help newcomers quickly grasp the knowledge of the Tu people, others will be rewarded. Advertising can not be too strong, forcing people to look at the ads will only play the opposite effect. If you want to learn the skills to write soft Wen, also welcome to visit my column exchange.

3, the same as other festivals, if possible, can use the mail, SMS marketing, of course, I’m not here to encourage spam, but selected specific people to send something meaningful, how to select the specific person

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