These years Kingston gives you the memory temperature


from a single product in 1987 to Kingston producer, has more than 2000 kinds of storage products. More than twenty years, as a help people store "memory" of the brand, Kingston quietly to bring you a lot of memorable content. Today let us look together, these years Kingston marketing content in your memory which left traces.

emotion is always the trump card content

The main products of Kingston

Memory Disk storage memory tool. Memory is very abstract, so the content of Kingston’s marketing strategy has been emphasized in memory, telling stories about memory. A valuable story is the most difficult to perform content marketing strategy, Kingston has done with the content of the story moved the audience. It is also a difficult part to find the content of the story, not only to move themselves, moving the audience, and can be linked with the brand, showing a higher value than the product itself.

, especially the memory platform in 2013. The real story on the screen, in order to dramatic changes and must be properly handled. For example, in the memory platform, the creation of the role of the subway station, to witness the woman miss her husband, day after day in the subway station to listen to the voice of her husband on the radio. This adjustment reflects the original story in the picture of the reality.

memory platform video

memory is a journey

let’s get on the bus

get off at different times

but the memory never got off

with the heart of the brand into a true story.


"good rain knows the season, when spring is happening; wind into the night, moisten things silently."


a netizen off after the 2014 Kingston brand image advertising as "memory", citing Du Fu’s poem, describing how fine rain silent quietly nourishing the world, as Kingston has highlighted the importance of the product at the same time imperceptibly in the story.

Kingston brand advertising the biggest feature is that it can bring you into a situation, to follow the story. "When out of memory" is like this, Kingston ad U disk appears only a few scenes, without any publicity; but it will make you think, if there is no product throughout the advertising, it’s not complete. Take a look at this section of Hong Kong flavor – when the memory can not be lost.

"when the memory can not fall" video

will be the core content in the end

It was and cannot forget that we sang may I together.

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