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editor’s note: the author of this paper, Tom Blomfield is co-founder of Mondo company. In this article, the author analyzes the working status of venture capital companies in different stages (no financing, angel wheel, A round, B round, C round, acquired), and analyzes the benefits of joining the company at each stage.

in recent years, people’s ideas have changed, more and more people want to join venture company. This phenomenon is probably from the beginning of social media movie, it could just be a coincidence, but the emergence of the picture in my head: a group of MBA students sit together to watch Justin Timberlake as social media tycoon Sean Parker movie, about $1 billion is really a cool thing.

when people choose to go to work, they tend to ignore one of the most important factors. I think it’s more important than the industry or the company’s ideas.

spontaneous process: two people, a bedroom is all

start-up company was recently founded, the company may not be legally registered. No financing, all employees are not paid. You two, three or four people in a bedroom, rely on instant noodles, 24 hours in a day of work, to make a product prototype to consumers or investors see. Use only a few people on your website or App, including some of your compassionate friends and your mom.

some people want to persuade you to join a company that has just started a year, but the company has no financing and no users. They don’t pay you, but promise to give you 1% of the company’s options, and it feels like a scam to you. However, you are happy to join such a company. You may not be able to get a penny of your salary, but you are joined as a co founder, with a two digit stake. Will you and co-founder jokingly said: "wait a few years, the company sold billions of dollars, you can buy which island."

‘s idea of the product is very vague and broad, but you’re working every day to make consumers think it’s very useful. Anything is possible。 The overall direction of the company may change every week.

because there is no resources, you need to rely on their own ability and confidence to make the company become fresh. No professionals, no organization, everyone is doing what must be done. This could be exciting.

sometimes you may feel exhausted before you attract a client, or find a fund.

seed wheel

now has a product prototype, some fixed users and $250 thousand seed round financing. Now you can give some people a lower salary. There are so many people out there that you can’t afford to rent a public office

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