China micro blog marketing ten classic cases


according to the authoritative body predicts that by the end of 2010, China’s Internet has registered a total number of active accounts will exceed 65 million in 2011 will exceed 100 million, in 2013 the domestic micro-blog market will enter the mature period. Undoubtedly, micro-blog will become an important battleground for future war. The author of the current micro-blog marketing ten classic cases, to explore the promotion of the development of micro-blog marketing.

a, Sina micro-blog run: anytime, anywhere to share

August 28, 2010, Sina micro-blog anniversary. This day, "a micro-blog run campaign held ten different shapes: ring MINI micro-blog team, carrying the gift and 8 online collection of micro-blog users, starting from Zhongguancun, through Beijing via Wudaokou, the bird’s nest, high streets and back lanes, Chaoyang Park, Tiantan, Xidan, Nanluogu Lane and other places of Beijing landmark. Micro-blog will transfer" whenever and wherever possible sharing spirit to every passerby.

"Micro-blog is Sina

run" to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of micro-blog and the activities of the organization, is the first large-scale micro-blog product line extending from the line, take full advantage of micro-blog’s innovative, bold breakthrough routine activity pattern, made events, let blog self create content and help spread.

from the beginning of August 20th, micro-blog run official micro-blog ID was established, through the topic of discussion, suspense settings, voting PK, gift incentives, such as warm-up activities. On the same day, the team will organize a car within the station, on-site and online users to interact, a total of more than 30 thousand micro-blog content, causing major media attention and reports. Third days after the end of the event, Baidu search micro-blog run get the relevant results of the 710 thousand. Through the spread of fission, micro-blog run the message instantly passed to more users, user brand loyalty, loyalty increased significantly. Therefore, in a sense, this is not just a successful birthday party show, but also a new starting point for the development of micro-blog sina.

looking back, from 2006 Twitter in the United States more than 4 years, but in China, micro-blog really into people’s life only 1 years. Many Chinese micro-blog pioneers have made unremitting exploration, but most of them fell to the end, until August 2009 the official opening of sina micro-blog. Sina micro-blog continue to promote the successful experience of the blog, a short time quickly lifted the domestic micro-blog wave, "you collar (micro-blog) has become a lot of people?" greet the first word.

as the first by the portal launched micro-blog, Sina has become a leader in the field of micro-blog micro-blog. China’s first year of micro-blog market white paper data show that with the growing number of users, Sina micro-blog will produce huge amounts of information every day. July 2010, the total number of micro-blog Sina micro-blog generated more than 90 million, the number of micro-blog generated more than 3 million per day, with an average of nearly every second micro-blog generated.

two, NOKIA N8 conference micro-blog live


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