The Neo founder Xiong Jianming how to do innovation pioneer instead of martyrs


one day in early June, Qin teacher due to flight delays to second days, "encounter" an entrepreneur, talked about to hit it off, he has been called "China struggle", "double economics", the relevant people and things and he is very close to nature. After he came back, he told us that this is a very vivid case of Chinese innovation to get the United States recognized, you have to interview research. So, we’ll go to the China Science and Technology Park interviewed the founder Mr. Xiong Jianming Mourinho bear.


Xiong Jianming: Entrepreneurial execution

Xiong Jianming, English name NEO, born in 1979, has long been engaged in the content industry, many entrepreneurs. He is currently the most senior professional video game producer, now he is most concerned about the identity bear children technology brand founder neil.

he from primary school art, like painting, like the game. He was in Shanghai Xinhua news agency network streaming media center, 2002, television began to "Zhibofenli", Shanghai TV is a pilot, as a director, he joined the national art production first game TV program of "Crazy" tour. This program started CS economic boom in Shanghai, in his words, the national team was described as "a soldier". In 2003 the program’s ratings in the television station has been ranked three, with the year’s "meet Saturday" heat almost. He said proudly, "the concept of entertainment", he at that time felt and out – he is one of the first pioneer of traditional entertainment and digital game together, Wang Han was invited to participate in other stars to join, will show the variety of games, ten years ahead of a big entertainment and practice". In 2004, SARFT banned a ban on all video games.

with the popularity of broadband, the Internet began to spread, Youtube, potatoes, Youku listed, Internet video, Internet has been fired more and more hot. Xiong Jianming decided to venture in 2006, named after his own name English NEOTV founded, this is a game show based professional network TV channel, through two consecutive WCG in China (world cyber games, World Cyber Games) broadcast rights and successfully spread, has far-reaching significance for China e-sports industry recovery.

‘s career is almost every two years there is a change, in 2008, he withdrew from the NEOTV project team, according to his own words, "it’s strange, I wanted to continue to engage in the gaming industry, the United States CGS (CGS Championship Gaming Series) news group to invest fifty million dollars, CCTV also intend to open a digital channel, but the financial crisis in 2008 makes the use. I’m downhearted." But his interpersonal relationship is fantastic

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