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this article I strongly recommend the following types of friends, made a micro business, more than half of the micro business, with people who want to start, individual entrepreneurs and small business owners, marketing and sales management has a certain social experience, management experience, sales experience of friends.

this is my hands-on experience to share, to share out the following first purpose, sincerely to share my experience; second make more friends; third invitation ideas have common values of friends to join our team, together to create more miracles.

I have a

in the platform to share an article name: sharing personal business operation in the simple cheats on Lu Songsong’s blog, after being reprinted many times, finally in many public numbers, hundreds of Baidu mobile phone information, etc. many platforms have seen, today’s share depth the details of the case solution of plane. This article we can go to Baidu hundred characters, Jun Yang technology official website to find out. Together, you will be more clear.


our marketing must not leave people and products, such marketing is effective. So I plan and operation of the marketing plan can be quickly implemented and promoted to go out, I can return the value of the fast return.

I’m going to focus on a few points in the article:

is my first point: the recruitment of part-time, these part-time not only helped me to make the line of goods, and I let them have more value, the distribution is 10 yuan a shop. There are 100 messages to help me send the information of 10 yuan. We know what to help me send the message?.


this shows that I only spent 10 yuan, each information can be viewed more than 600 times, the information will have a visit to the 60 thousand, I played this $60 thousand advertising 10 times. I have a total of dozens of people to help me, I have been browsing hundreds of thousands of ads.

we all want to know what the hair information, there is no one to consult, to find my cooperation. Right,


I let them help my message is similar to what I said "sharing personal business secret of such content, you can see that I write this article just browsing quantity in the hundreds of Baidu is 1000 times, the light is to add my advice from Lu Songsong platform WeChat friends have more than twenty. It is almost 40 people saw my advertising had a person to consult me. So I came here again this dry cargo for everyone to do share. You can go to the calculation, hundreds of thousands of views will be a lot of people to work with us?

second points: a lot of people see my message, followed by the conversion rate of the problem, I am writing to do the transformation of soft. For me, this

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