Yuan Hong what benefits can be brought to us by using the forum


is a matter of personal Adsense or our business, but many different promotion methods are used in the process of network promotion, the results are not the same, I think we should use the most common method is a forum to promote. I personally think so, ha ha! Today, I would like to talk about the yuan in the past few years with the forum to promote the forum summed up to bring us what benefits. There are probably the following.

1, if we use the forum to promote the commodity, it can bring us sales guidance, this requires us to use the forum to promote according to the features of the goods are selected according to the promotion of the forum. For example, we sell cosmetics to a male dominated forum to promote the effect is certainly not good. If we go to a special forum for the promotion of women, so that our target group is more accurate. Can also bring us sales.

2, the use of the forum to promote the most typical effect is to give us a rapid flow. As long as you post enough to attract people, can quickly bring greater traffic to the site. Remember I did a sexual health Web site a few years ago, in the forum made a light stick, a push forum can bring me more than 6 thousand IP a day, so we can use the forum to promote the website if you want to flow quickly. This is a good way.

3, Forum promotion from the perspective of SEO, it also has the advantage that you can leave a lot of the chain, we do SEO know, the chain in the SEO process has a pivotal importance. Forum promotion not only put us to achieve the purpose of promotion, but also to lay the foundation for our SEO.

4, whether the establishment of the company’s brand and personal brand, can also use the forum to promote the brand, is largely improve the exposure rate. Do you want to name and personal name often appears in various forums, people will certainly have the impression for a long time. This is the purpose of our brand building.

5, in addition to the forum to promote the role of the above, but also to assist SEM. This is not to say, ha ha.

said that the forum to promote the benefits of everybody in the following must be ready to let go of a big eager for a fight, then how can we do the Forum promotion? This is the forum to promote the key point! It’s too late today, yuan red tomorrow how to write effective forum for


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