Yimei beauty announced for millions of dollars to the angel round of financing through the video com


news July 8th, dark horse member companies announced the completion of millions of Yuan Yi with angel round of financing, this round of financing by individual investors and the public to raise the. After this round of financing, will be combined with the big data development of Yimei beauty salons force advantage B terminal platform, help them achieve operational data.

Yimei beauty was founded in July 2015, 2B is a community of beauty. The beauty shop owner, Yimei beauty, beauty and love apprentice hairdresser micro whole opinion leaders of consumers and other beauty attracted by the beauty of severe user community, providing tutorials and exchange forum for them, ultimately increasing trade links. Yimei beauty through independent research and development of micro shop system to help the industry practitioners to the business of the Internet, through the way of serving small B terminal, and service at the end of the C, which is based on B2B2C model.


main business includes data, Yimei beauty electricity supplier, the next line store these three aspects, can provide information (picture and community), online testing, online mall (matching + supply chain), flash sale service etc..


service is similar to the Yimei beauty hungry model, namely through the micro shop system and Yimei beauty store combined with unity guaranteed service, optimize the user experience. Currently covers the face, body, meridian, health and other content.

it is understood that the platform has a second polymerization Yimei beauty city nationwide more than 80% beauty salons. Yimei beauty founding team are serial entrepreneur, has many years of experience in the industry and the internet.

at present, beauty salons will be free for Yimei shop diagnosis, extension project output customer management, operation management, training management, business management. The future, Yimei beauty will increase in the development of SaaS and the data of the operation of the investment, help salon service landing, get around the end of the.

Q& A



is co-founder of sun Yimei beauty next door

I dark horse: how big is the beauty market?

Sun Linjia: according to the 2015 issue of the national beauty industry report shows that the beauty market reached 500 billion yuan scale, is expected to reach the size of 800 billion in 2016. This is also the reason why the face business is so attractive.

I: Black Beauty why Yimei model using B2B2C


sun next door: beauty care not just, single door beauty business is more difficult to support the independent business model, and beauty industry purchase, training, management, project development costs are relatively high. Therefore, from the business management standard to Yimei beauty beauty practitioners start, then optimize the C end user experience.


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